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A hero...is only a hero when he's on our side. If he's our enemy, he's a demon
 ― Han Gun-Ho[source]

Han Gun-Ho is a Giga Game Director. He is the first son of Giga's chairman and former Giga Emperor, Han Sung-Gong. He is the the older brother of Han Soo-Ah and Han Gun-Soo. At some point in the past, Han Gun-Ho secretly joined sides with Nightmare where he serves as Queen No Name's strategist and advisor. He is often referred to as "The Crow" when he is in his Nightmare appendage.[5][6]

Four years ago, he was Giga Guild's Security Team Leader.[1] With the aid of Sad Smile, he framed Zara Guild for using Nightmare and captured Armes, which eventually led to Zara Guild's dissolution.

Two years ago, he was the Team Leader of Giga's 13th Team. He led them on an assault against Han Gun-Jae, but they were all defeated by the Creator God.

Secretly, Han Gun-Ho was working with Nightmare and was acted as The Crow, manipulating Giga and playing both sides of the war. He revealed his true identity during his attempted coup d'état against the Giga Empire.


Real World

Han Gun-Ho is a man with ash brown hair with a slicked back hairstyle and a mole underneath his left eye. He is shown wearing a white long sleeved collar shirt, dark green pants and brown shoes.

Lucid Adventure

Han Gun-Ho is a young man with pale skin, teal short hair that styled into two horns, and a mole underneath his left eye like his real life self. He wears a black trench coat with six golden buttons, orange collar shirt underneath, black pants, black gloves and shoes. Sometimes, he wears the classic male Giga uniform. In the past, he wore a brown attire of cloak, robe, pants, gloves, and shoes. He was noted to be quite handsome by Armes.


Han Gun-ho is an arrogant and sadistic individual that would do anything to gain a hand in the succession war for Giga. In his eyes, having humanity is unnecessary hence why he is interested in Constant who lost all those values. In the name of power, morality should not matter, so he is willing to kill Dark and even torture and kill Helen to achieve his goals. He is heartless especially when he insulted Lucas for losing both the General Manager Park and the Secretary Park and found the situation hilarious.

He is not beyond using other people for his own ends like making a contract with Sad Smile to use his assistance later and even went as far as instigating the order of the death of Ethan in order to set back Dark. Also, he even used school kids, thugs, and even an assassin, so he can kill Dark and kidnap Helen. He even told Chung Jin not to waver, because she has killed many before and there is no room for humanity. He even instigated the influence of Nightmare onto the Zara guild in order to make sure Giga wins the absolute quest. When those people refuse his offers, he isn't beyond trying to set them up for failure or killing them as seen with Armes and Sad Smile. When Zero attacked the Combat Tournament, he simply left as if it was not his problem as if the destruction was to his benefit.

Major Battles


Han Gun-Ho

By Han Gun-Ho

  • (To Armes): "Apart from the bug issue, we've been watching the Zara Guild from our headquarters. You've made tremendous progress in the Absolute Quest in a short space of time. Perhaps, Cobalt Castle is your next goal after Dandan Castle, right? Our Giga Guild is also working on the Absolute Quest. I think we will face each other at some point. Although we are at the management level, our company motto is 'like the real world!' So we live in this world just like you and everyone else. Zara Guild is outstanding. Instead of being beaten by us, why don't you join our guild? Giga's treatment...you've hear about it, right? You won't be disappointed"[1]
  • (To Armes): "You did a good job with such a small number of people. Where you trying to recover your health by completing the Absolute Quest? Haha...that's rather unfortunate. If you want to protect the people of your Zara Guild...I need you to promise me one more thing. Don't step foot into this game ever again, and take what you know about us to your grave. That is the condition."[8]

To Han Gun-Ho

  • (By Armes): "Now I understand what I've been curious about. The security team that can't even take down a single user and playing dirty by using bugs for its own guild. You guys didn't make this game. What do you think will happen if this gets out?"[9]

About Han Gun-Ho

  • (By Armes): "Handsome! Nice!"[1]

The Crow

By The Crow

To The Crow

About The Crow

Translation Notes

Issues and Errors

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

Real Name

The character's name '한건호' literally translates to 'Han Gun-Ho'. For some unknown reason, LINE Webtoon has changed the character's name to 'Nathan Han'. This wiki uses the original translation which the author of the series intended.


Hardcore Leveling Warrior called him "눈깔" which literally translates to "eyeball". LINE translates this as "Cyclops". Cyclops can be written in Korean as "애꾸눈" and "물벼룩". Cyclops have one eyes so LINE just changed the literal meaning.

International Translations

Name Platform Language
LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Nathan Han LINE Webtoon (English) English
Gon-Ho Han LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

Han Gun-Ho

  • The character's real name and game character were revealed in Episode 53 in a flashback arc. His first appearance in the current timeline was in Episode 103. His first real life appearance was in Season 2 Episode 19 in a flashback arc.
  • Some fans theorize that Han Gun-Ho's personal attribute is Frankenstein due to the monsters that he presented during Season 2 Episode 22.

The Crow

  • The Crow has never been actually named until Season 2 Episode 74 where Ge Des called him as Crow. His official name has never been revealed so far.
  • Some fans have compared the Mysterious Nightmare to characters such as 'White Zetsu' due to his overall appearance and the type that plans something in secret, and to 'Itachi' due to his overall use of crows.
  • Some Naver Webtoon fans believed that The Crow was Sik, the former Demon King. It was confirmed in Season 2 Episode 78 that Sik is dead so this is not him.
  • Some have assumed that this is the same Nightmare that appeared by Zero's side in Season 1. The unnamed Nightmare appeared in Episode 73 chasing No Name, the one that tested Zero's Unnamed Master Blacksmith's Weapon in Episode 90 and appeared by Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing in Episode 115 and Episode 116. This is completely unconfirmed and may be a simple Nightmare as we could see multiple Nightmares that looked the same in Episode 142. Until there is an actual confirmation in the webtoon, they will be treated as separate characters.