"A only a hero when he's on our side. If he's our enemy, he's a demon" ― Han Gun-Ho

Han Gun-Ho is the first son of Giga's chairman and Emperor, Han Sung-Gong, and the older brother of Han Soo-Ah and Han Gun-Soo.

Four years ago, he was the Giga Guild Security Team Leader and is responsible for Zara Guild's dissolution as well as the disappearance of Armes from Lucid Adventure.

He is currently the leader of Giga Special Forces 13th Squad.




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Han Gun-ho is an arrogant and sadistic individual that would do anything to gain a hand in the succession war for Giga. In his eyes, having humanity is unnecessary hence why he is interested in constant who lost all those values. In the name of power, morality should not matter, so he is willing to kill dark and even torture and kill Helen to achieve his goals. He is heartless especially when he insulted Lucas for losing both the General manager park and the secretary park and found the solution hilarious. He is not beyond using other people for his own ends like making a contract with sad smile to use sad smile's assistance later and even went as far as instigating the order of the death of Ethan in order to set back dark. Also, he even used school kids, thugs, and even an assassin, so he can kill dark and kidnap Helen. He even told the Assasin not to waver, because she has killed many before and there is no room for humanity. He even instigated the influence of nightmare onto the Zara guild in order to make sure Giga wins the absolute quest. When those who refuse his offers, he isn't beyond trying to set them up for failure or killing them as seen with armes and sad smile. When zero attacked the combat tournament, he simply left as if it was not his problem as if the destruction was to his benefit. He seems to have a feud with Lucas Han who disapproves of his methods and even told Lucas to back away from team dark saying that he will handle it, but Nathan seems to take joy from Lucas' frustration.



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See also: Nathan Han

The character's name '한건호' literally translates to 'Han Gun-Ho'. For some unknown reason, Line Webtoon has changed the character's name to 'Nathan Han'. This wiki uses the original translation which the author of the series intended.

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