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A Guild is a is a group of players with an organized structure and a leader, in various major online games.


All guilds are each led by a Guildmaster, whose main job is to maintain and supervise the internal and external operations of the guild. Guilds can be formed by a wide variety of professional associations, ranging from the likes of merchants to adventurers. In Lucid Adventure, it is even possible for multiple guilds to join together in forming a larger organisation such as Grass Roots Union which is made up of small and weal guilds.

Lucid Adventure

In Lucid Adventure, guilds are an association of players that have banded together to be a conqueror of all the secrets within the game. This involves, leveling up, conquering dungeons, participating in-game events and even challenging other guilds. All guilds are eligible to take part in the Absolute Quest. If someone creates a Guild, builds a Castle and Leads a group in order to complete the Absolute Quest, the player will receive 'The Book', which is a Mid-Quest Reward.[1]

Guild Master 

Usually, the player that creates the Guild is the Guild Master, unless he/she decides to transfer the leadership to another player. The Guild Master is the guide for the Guilds actions. The Guild Master has the authority to appoint a Vice Guild Master as well as invite and expel members from the Guild.

Vice Guild Master

The Vice Guild Master is the second in command of the Guild. When the Guild Master is unavailable, they lead the guild in their stead.

Guild Member 

(길드원, gildeuwon)

All other players in the guild are ordinary members.

Guild Base 

A Guild Base is any location claimed by a Guild. The guild base must be protected at all costs from foreign invaders. For that reason, it is quite possible to later lose control over their guild base afterward if the invader have successfully managed to mount raids against it and laying sieges to their strongholds.

Known Guilds

Name Guild Master Base Camp Status Notes
Scallion Head's Guild Scallion Head - Active Serves Sad Smile
Guild Nightmare Zero - Inactive It's goal was to destroy the world
Grass Roots Guild The Best Swordsman Castle Nario Active Members of the Grass Roots Union
Giga Guild Han Sung-Gong Unknown Active Expanded into The Giga Empire
Zara Guild Armes - Inactive Disbanded soon after Armes arrest. Majority of the members joined The Giga Empire.
Tete Guild Radish Kimchi Castle Dandan Inactive Disbanded after Radish Kimchi was arrested by Giga's Security Team for using a bug.
Elixir Plant Guild Principal Unknown Active Supported by the Dragon of Light
Ankus Unknown Unknown Inactive Ankus was one of the few powerful guilds in the early days of Lucid Adventure. They failed in the Gotcha draw and were destroyed.
New Nightmare No Name Lakiren Castle Active Allied with demons and monsters.

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