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Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper appears anywhere there's a soul that has to be taken to the Otherworld

Grim Reaper is a hidden class in Lucid Adventure. It is the personal attribute of Gangrim.


A class that carries the motif of various grim reaper myths, the main one being Gangrim Doryeong, the Grim Reaper in Korean mythology. The class Grim Reaper Class embodies the God of Death and is a class that specialises in death related magic and soul manipulation.

Known Skills


  • Death Revolver: A gun that binds the soul containing six bullets, and containing three different effects.
    • First Ability: The first ability is Instant Death, summoning the Death God which cannot be affected by any means and instantly kills the target.
    • Second Ability: The second ability is that it can shoot any souls released from the book and make them follow the caster's orders but there must be a reward for the commands.
    • Third Ability: If the bullet is shot into the caster's heart, the Death God can descend upon them but there is a 44% chance of the caster falling into a coma. If succeeded, the caster transforms to their True Awakening.


  • Grim Reaper's Book: The user's passive skill which is a prison for souls that they've captured. Contains 10 spaces for 10 souls. The user must repeat repeat the target's name three times in order to imprison them.
    • Little Dukchun: An apparition from the Grim Reaper's book that binds the souls that the user has defeated.


Known Items


  • Four Tiger Sword: a black sword used by Grim Reapers. It is used to seal the souls of reaper's targets in the Grim Reaper's Book.

Known Grim Reapers

Translation Notes

저승사자 (Jeoseung-saja), literally means "Netherworld Emissary" (or "'Messenger from the other world"). They are the Korean equivalent to the Western Concept of as "Death" and "Grim Reapers" so in English translations they are called "Grim Reapers".

저승사자 is sometimes shortened as 사신(使臣) which means "a messenger; an envoy; an emissary".

In Korean, there is no original word for "reaper" and the full-time employees working under King Yama are considered "envoys". The grim reaper appearing in the Korean mythology are depicted as a pale males dressed in black coats and small 'gats' (Korean hats), and they are under the strict command of King Yama to escort souls to the underworld, so there was no need for them to prey and stalk the living.

For this reason, Koreans did not use the word "reaper", and the name "reaper" was introduced into Korean lexicon in recent years through Japanese animations and popular culture. However, in traditional Korean folk tales or traditions, the "reapers" are quite different from the "grim reaper". In Western culture, Grim Reapers hunt down the living person until they are dead or killed by the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reapers in the west are mainly black cloaked skeletons with scythes.

Notes & Trivia


  • Death is frequently imagined as a personified force. In some mythologies, a character known as the Grim Reaper causes the victim's death by coming to collect that person's soul. The concept of death as a sentient entity has existed in many societies since the beginning of history.
  • In Korean mythology, death's principal figure is the "Netherworld Emissary" Jeoseungsaja (저승사자, shortened to Saja (사자)). He is depicted as a stern and ruthless bureaucrat in Yeomna's service. A psychopomp, he escorts all—good or evil—from the land of the living to the netherworld when the time comes. One of the representative names is Ganglim (강림), the Saja who guides the soul to the entrance of the underworld. According to legend, he always carries Jeokpaeji (적패지), the list with the names of the dead written on a red cloth. When he calls the name on Jeokpaeji three times, the soul leaves the body and follows him inevitably.
  • In Western Europe, Death has commonly been personified as an animated skeleton since the Middle Ages. This character, which is often depicted wielding a scythe and clothed in a black cloak with a hood, is said to collect the souls of the dying or recently dead. In English and German culture, Death is typically portrayed as male, but in French, Spanish, and Italian culture, it is not uncommon for Death to be female. In the late 1800s, the character of Death became known as the Grim Reaper in English literature.
  • In Japanese culture, the equivalent of the Grim Reaper is often the Shinigami (死神), literally meaning "Death God". while common in modern Japanese arts and fiction, shinigami were essentially absent in traditional mythology.