The Great War is a special quest in Lucid Adventure.


Due to the growing threat of Nightmare, Principal, Elixir Plant's Guild Master, proposed a truce between the big 4 Guilds in Lucid Adventure. The four major guilds that include Giga Empire, Elixir Plant Guild, Anti-Giga Coalition and Dark Land all met at The Starting House in order to discuss the armistice.

Principal proposed that the four major guilds form an alliance. Yopi agreed but proposed that Giga and Dark Land fight for the Union's leadership. Xiang Yu represents Giga and Heart Heater represents Dark Land. Dacon was summoned and both characters engaged in a one on one duel for their respective guilds.

The duel ends in Xiang Yu being eaten by The Evil Dragon who had taken 100% control of Heart Heater's body. Giga eventually accept the result and the four guilds official form a union. The formation of the Union triggers The Great War Event. with a 'The System' saying "The Great Four Guilds have formed a Union and set a common enemy".[1]

Dark is officially crowned as the leader of the United Guilds.[1]

Quest Details

You can choose one of two bases. Nightmare Allied Forces (악몽연합군, agmong-yeonhabgun) or Players' Union. (플레이어연합, peulleieoyeonhab).[2]

*During the Great War Event, it is possible to gain experience or reward by conquering your enemy's castle or defeating their forces.[2]

*All players and all creatures existing in Lucid Adventure including monsters and NPCs can set their base.[2]

*If you do not choose anything, you will be neutral and unable to get the buff given to each base.[2]

*In case you change your base, there will be a big debuff. This debuff will be removed once you defeat a certain number of enemies.[2]

Rules for Rankers

Just before the subjugation of Nightmare began, a few simple rules were added.[3]

  1. When a Named Nightmare is subjugated, that record will be announced to the whole world.[3]
  2. Territories regained from Nightmare will be taken into consideration and their portions will be awarded to the rankers.[3]
  3. 10x of Exp earned from subjugating Nightmare will be reflected in the rankings.[3]

Nightmare Ranking System

A corresponding Nightmare Ranking System was created for the Nightmare Players which ranked the Nightmare Players based on their subjugation of Rankers. The creation of this Ranking System initiated Nightmare's 'Ranker Hunt', were the Nightmare Players targeted Rankers.[4]


Southwestern Field

Stone defeated a an army comprising of about 1000 Nightmare Nightmare monsters that included Elahistos by himself in the Southwestern Field.[2]

Spider Mother's Cave

In Spider Mother's Cave, Mentirok convinces Arachnea to join the demons and Nightmare.[5]

Growing Nightmare Numbers

Reporting Demon reports to Queen No Name that 90% of the known Nightmares have been Nightmarized.[5]

Hohoian Village

Chota defeated hoards of Goblins and Goblon.[6][7]

Jelly Village

Ketoru Castle

Allied Forces attempted to recapture Ketoru Castle from Ogres led by Ukang Ukang. The Allied Forces fell into a trap and were ambushed. They were saved by the timely arrival of Coma and Elena. Elena killed all the ogres and Ukang Ukang, which led to her becoming the Rank No.11 player.[3]

Mouses Castle

In Mouses Castle, Gangrim defeated a Named Nightmare while Zhao Yun defeated some Nightmares as well.[3]

Akira's first Ranker Hunt

Nightmare Akira defeated Coma and killed Elena to become the No.1 Ranked Nightmare under the new Nightmare Ranking System.[8]

Raiding Grian Den

Enter the Demon World Arc

Advent of the Demon King Arc

Notes & Trivia

  • The Great War is a massive,national-level quest that has never appeared before.[2]


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