The Grass Roots Guild. It is part of the Grass Roots Union.



Season 1

Preliminary Round Arc

Siege Round Arc

Siege Round Prelude Arc

Dark's Birthday Arc

Ragnarök Arc

Season 2

Lucid Adventure Arc

Finding Lucky Coin Pieces Arc

Grass Roots Guild entered a closed training after their defeat to their Nightmare counterparts. They were contacted by Master Swordsman and went to Dark Land.[1]

Known Members




Notes & Trivia

  • The Guild was described as 'The Grass Root Guild' in Episode 115 but the actual translation is ' A Grass Roots Guild'. This makes more sense as Master Swordsman's Guild is one of the Guilds in the Grass Roots Union.
  • The university students of Grass Roots Guild go to the same Seoul-based mid-level universities.[2][3]


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