Grabert is Heart Heater's famous Dragon.[1] He is often used as a mode of transport for Dark's Party.


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Grabert was first seen saving Heart Heater, Sora, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Rim from General Guan Yu, putting all of them in his mouth and flying to Dragon Mountain Hut.[1]

Skills & Abilities

Grabert's reputation is known far and wide as even Guan Yu was aware of him. Grabert's jaw is strong enough to break up the ground of Yopi land.[1] that looked to be made of granite like material. He is strong enough to carry multiple people in his mouth and still

According to Heart Heater, Grabert is the fastest Dragon.[2] The Beard Gang's base was pretty far but Grabert was able to carry Dark's Party there in a short time.[2] Grabert's speed does not seem to be hindered by having multiple people in his mouth and he is strong enough to carry the weight.

Grabert seems highly durable but can be stunned by Ant-Air Missles but recovered quikcly enough to pull out another Dragon from Hohoian Lake.[2]

Notes & trivia

  • Although Grabert was first introduced in Episode 3, his name was first revealed by Heart Heater in Episode 58.


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