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Goldy is the sentient Magical Hat equipped by Oz.



In great contrast to Oz's meek and mild manner of speech and submissive personality, Goldy is loud-mouthed and rude to both Oz and others around her. It uses profanity regularly and is very crude.[1] Oz uses peoples insecurities to insult them and demean them.[1]

Goldy seems to have a violent streak as it encourages Oz to wipe and kill her enemies.[1]



Goldy loves to degrade and pester Oz, even during fights, by swearing at her and calling her demeaning names such as coward girl, gloomy girl and forever alone.[1]

Goldy tries to encourage Oz to be violent against her enemies.[1]

Skills & Abilities

Oz's exact capabilities have not been revealed.

Notes & Trivia

  • Goldy was first seen in Episode 13, but it's name was revealed in Episode 14.
  • Some fans have made comparisons between Goldy and the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter series. Both are sentient magical hats that are capable of speech.
  • Some fans have likened Goldy's personality to that of the Soul Eater Weapon, Ragnarok.
    • As well as both of them having similar personalities, they both have an abusive and domineerng relationship with their owners. In Goldy's case it case it is with Oz and in Ragnarok's case it is with Crona.