Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon are a pair of boots that are part of The Golden Armor set.



  • Double Movement Speed[1]
  • Armor 225[1]
  • Indestructible[1]
  • Wearer can triple jump[1]
  • The Item is currently contaminated.[1]


It was owned by Hardcore Leveling Warrior when he was the #1 Ranker but disequipped from him by Zero after he as paralyzed by the Paralyzing Dagger.[2]

Zero then gave the Boots and Gauntlet to Sad Smile to give to his followers.[3]

Sad Smile gave both the Golden Plater Boots and Golden Plate Gauntlets to Scallion Head.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior reacquired the Boots after threatening to dismember Scallion Head's Guild members and distribute them around Lucid Adventure.[4]'

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