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Golden Lucky Coin[1] is a gambler skill used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It is variation of his Lucky Coin skill.


It is a golden lucky coin that gives Hardcore Leveling Warrior access to Lucky Three! Three Cards. The coin gives off a golden glow and emits a golden light in Hardcore Leveling Warrior's fist after it has been successfully flicked.[1][2]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 104 During his PvP with The Best Swordsman, Hardcore Leveling Warrior successfully flipped what looked like two golden lucky coins and accesed Lucky Three! Three Cards.[3]
Episode 43 During his confrontation with the Nightmare Guild in Ideiju, Hardcore Leveling Warrior successfully flipped his golden lucky coin.[2]
Episode 42 During his battle with the Nightmarized Ligos in the Subjugation Round, Hardcore Leveling Warrior successfully flipped a Golden Lucky Coin and accessed Lucky Three! Three Cards.[1][2]



Notes & Trivia

  • It presumably requires Hardcore Leveling Warrior to be at a higher Level to use as the only times he has been seen using in in the series is when he had his #3 Ranker abilities.[1][2]
  • It is most likely that the Golden Lucky Coin gives random buffs similar to the Lucky Coin skill but the only skills shown so far is Lucky Three! Three Cards, hence it's the only skill shown.