Godcha is a Godly Draws that are made by the Gods themselves.


The item in itself is a huge gamble because a person can either gain a divine item that can conquer the world or destroy a country if failure. These godly draws were sometimes rewards from beating ss level monsters. They are nearly hard to get and gets sold off in auctions pretty fast, but Giga bought them all supposedly to prevent the disastrous effects. They arent available on market and even if it was, it would be impossible to sell due to Giga's watchful eyes. It was first discovered by ankus, a ancient and powerful guild yet they failed in the draw and was sent to ashes. Giga made 21 small ally nations test out Godcha which destroyed all but one nation. Even if dark rewinds, it doesnt change the outcome of the godcha draw. Even adding more luck stats only changes the probability of success to its fixed max success rate of .02

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Notes and Trivia

  • Even though adding a luck stat of 999 only brings a .02 percent of success, it changed probability enough that it brought out a divine item. It is possible that it was due to Hclw's personal attribute


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