"Balance...when it is no longer needed...chaos...that will bring forth my world..." ― God of Death


The God of Death supports a large frame, with mostly of her body covered in black hair. From her lower body, it is fully filled with hair, while having muscular legs that of a goat. Her upper body resembles of a burly women, sharp fingers and a head made of black fur, only having the large maw of jagged teeth left uncovered.

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Skills & Abilities


As the divine being that represents death, The God of Death has skills relating to the undead.

The Breath of Death: Shoots a large-area toxic breath that melts an opponent's body when in contact

Blessings of The God of Death: Grants a player the ability to revive a second time, a curse keeping their HP from reaching 0.

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The god of death, was created by Roy Han serving to overseer the world along with its siblings for thousands of years.


Dark's Birthday Arc

The God of Death briefly appears along with the other gods when they heard Roy Han's call through the God Messenger. Grouping up they debate on who become's the next Prime God. When the God of Blessings wanted to take on the role, the god of death had the urge to kill him.They then decide to pick a team to represent them and fight in the PVP round. The owner of the winning team will become the next god.

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

It was revealed that the god of death, chose Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing to represent her[1].

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

During the selection of which groups would fight in the seminfinals, God of Death's team was chose to be fight against Team Light, which God of Death referred to it as bullshit. She prohibited Dorang to not use her nightmare powers and thus lost.

PvP Round Final Arc

After Team Dark won the tournament, as well with the absence of Roy Han, the Gods decided to finally fight over the title of God. To which the God of Death killed and swallowed the God of Blessings and then reformed into Zero - ultimately the God of Death died.

Ragnarök Arc

This was a flashback to after the agreement on becoming the next God in the PvP round. In this flashback is The God of Death, selecting Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing as her team. Being very serious for them to win, since she believed that only herself is worthy of God and the rest of her siblings are weak. Despite the team using nightmare she still chose them.

While conversing, she received a seed of Zero's essence in which she absorbs it, and in doing so Zero slowly consumed the God of Death.

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