"I'm the God of Combat, the God who overlooks all the battles in this world"

God of Combat was one of the Gods and creators of Lucid Adventure. He hosted the annual Combat Tournament.







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"There's no one...whose power surpasses mine. Except for my father, The Absolute God!!"
As one of the 'creators' and Gods of Lucid Adventure, God of Combat is one of the strongest beings in the game and arguably the most powerful God in the game bar Han Gun-Jae himself.

God of Combat easily defeated a Nightmarized Rigos, who was capable of overpowering the Rank No.3 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, without even a single blemish on his persons.[1]

During the PvP Round, he was able to easily block a blow from a Zero that had absorbed both the God of Blessings and God of Death. The force created from the blocked blow caused the Tomb of Swords that was several miles below to tremble, which caused the Combat Tournament spectators to fear for their lives.[2]

As a God, God of Combat has the ability to permanently banish players from Lucid Adventure, as was seen when he banished the Giga player for cheating a previous iteration of the combat tournament.[3]

Divine Physical Abilities:

  • Strength:
  • Durability:
  • Speed:



Divine Swordsmanship:

Divine Detection Skill:

Stats Manipulation:


Telekenisis: With a flick of his finger, God of Combat is able to move objects as large as a giant mountain with a simple finger movement. God of Combat used Telekinesis drop an extremely large land mass on Ligos after defeating to let him "cool off for a little while".[1]

Barrier Creation: God of Combat can create a crimson barrier that is powerful enough to deflect the immobilization skill of the god grade Item, The Ruler's Lock. The power of Combat God's barrier shocked the Master Wizard, Light.[4]

'User-Powered' God of Combat

Enhanced Attack Power:

Enhanced Durability:

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After the death of the God of Combat, God of Time and Space and Zero, The power of The Creator which Han Gun-Jae tried to hand to the four Gods, along with the inherent power of the four Gods had and the power of the world core that belonged to Zero combined together and formed a huge energy. The energy rained down all over Lucid Adventure and soaked the world. This incident became known as 'The Great Change' and led to the regeneration of the rules of Lucid Adventure.

One of the new rules that emerged as a result of the barrier's destruction is Sleepwalk, which allows the winner of a PvP battle to gain rewards in real life that do no cause threats to a players life. The loser is drawn by a supernatural power to fulfil the wishes of the winner.

Dacon perished after the God of Combat was killed. The power of the world reincarnated her as the NPC of Combat without her old memories.

After the death of God of Combat, the ranking system was reestablished by Lucid Ball, which emerged after the Divine Power was absorbed into the world. The limit for the Lucid Ball Ranking System was was based on Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who had reached the humanly limit when he was the Rank No.1 Player.

After the death of the Gods, the barrier separating the real world and Lucid Adventure fell apart and over the next 14 years (2 years Real World Time), Lucid Adventure absorbed the Lucid that kept flowing into it from the real world without limit and grew 10 times in size. This led to the major Guilds in Lucid Adventure including Giga Empire, Anti-Giga Coalition, Elixir Plant Guild, Dark Land and New Nightmare vying for 100% control of the increased land mass.

Three Divine towers were created after The Gods power were reabsorbed into the Lucid Adventure, including Tower of Abstinence and Crosswalk of Moon. Divine Items were all at the top of these towers. In the Tower of Abstinence a Stone Plate with an image of the God of Combat could was found. The stone plate had an ancient inscription, warning all the visitors to the tower.

After being made into a human-type by consuming Light Sword - Will, Ego chose to take on the appearance of God of Combat, the strongest being he had seen at that point.

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