"I'm the God of Combat, the God who overlooks all the battles in this world"

God of Combat was one of the Gods and creators of Lucid Adventure. He hosted the annual Combat Tournament.

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"There's no one...whose power surpasses mine. Except for my father, The Absolute God!!" ― God of Combat

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As one of the 'creators' and Gods of Lucid Adventure, God of Combat is one of the strongest beings in the game and arguably the most powerful God in the game bar Roy Han himself.

He was able to easily defeat a Nightmarized Rigos, who was capable of overpowering the #3 Ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior, without even a single blemish on his persons.[1]

During the PvP Round, he was able to easily block a blow from a Zero that had absorbed both the God of Blessings and God of Death. The force created from the blocked blow caused the Tomb of Swords that was several miles below to tremble, which caused the Combat Tournament spectators to fear for their lives.[2]

As a God, God of Combat has the ability to permanently banish players from Lucid Adventure, as was seen when he banished the Giga player for cheating a previous iteration of the combat tournament.[3]





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Combat God with a flick of his finger is able to move objects as large as a giant mountain with a simple finger movement. Combat God used Telekinesis drop an extremely large land mass on Rigos after defeating to let him "cool off for a little while".[1]

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  • Divine Barrier: God of Combat creates a crimson colored barrier that is powerful enough to deflect the immobilization spell from The Ruler's Lock, Light's God grade item.
  • Arrow of God:
  • God's Fist: God of Combat is enshrouded by a giant gold coloured arm and delivers a blow to the target.
  • Divine Strength: God of Combat gathers the power of his multiple Swords of God into his right arm.
  • Summon - Sword of God: God of Combat summons multiple giant swords and launches them at his target telekenetically.

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