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I'm the God of Combat, the one who oversees every fight within Lucid Adventure
 ― God of Combat[source]

God of Combat was one of the Four Gods created by The Absolute God to manage Lucid Adventure.[3] He was a fun and playful god that hosted the annual Combat Tournament for his own amusement.

He was fond of humans and was entertained by them over the course of The Combat Tournaments. After the conclusion of the last ever Combat Tournament, God of Combat was killed when Yopy used the last power of Han Gun-Jae to wipe out the remaining Gods which led to a rewriting of the rules of Lucid Adventure.[4]



The God of Combat has the appearance of a child with long pale hair and bright glowing red eyes. He wore a white tee with a small red insignia of a sword on the left side and light pink shorts. He usually talks with his eyes closed.




The God of Combat had a playful and laid-back personality. He created the Combat Tournament for the sake of his entertainment and even increased the difficulty for his own amusement. He even tampered with Team Dark's Godcha simply because it was fun.[5] His mischievous side could be seen at the end of the preliminary round, when he pretended to be a waiter and got participants inebriated.[2] He wasn't power-hungry or ambitious as shown when he didn't even want to be the Absolute God of Lucid Adventure and didn't even pick a team to contest with the other gods in the bet.[5]

The God of Combat loved the PvP Round the most out of all the rounds in the Combat Tournament and called it his "strawberries".[6][7] When he was serious, it was often because people broke the rules of his tournament, such as when Giga cheated twice, the first being when Giga scared off all the other competitors to win the a previous combat tournament. The God of Combat was furious but hid his anger to not scare away other future players and secretly punished Giga by eternally banning the player that opened the reward from Lucid Adventure itself.[6] Second was when Giga interfered with Hardcore Leveling Warrior and tried to get the red-haird player killed in the real world, which led to God of Combat saying he'll punish Giga outright after the tournament.[7] He had asked Light if he was breaking the rules to which forced the usually arrogant Vice-President to back off.[8] He had even warned Hardcore Leveling Warrior to not use Nightmare ever again or else. When Zero had returned with his fellow gods powers, he had seriously boasted that she was being stupid and that no god surpasses his power except for the Absolute God himself.

Like most beings in Lucid Adventure, God of Combat wasn't fond of Nightmare and considered it taboo. Such was his disain for Nightmare that he chose to kill God of Blessings and God of Death for siding with Nightmare. The God of Combat is also a wary type, noticing even the slightest things like when he noticed something about God of Death that other gods didn't notice.

God of Combat has his eyes closed most of the time, even when he is talking. He tends to open his eyes when he is in a serious mood.

God of Combat may have been insecure about his childish appearance as he threatened Choco Bibi for supposedly implying that a kid could not be a god and for calling him a kid shortly afterwards.[6]



Han Gun-Jae

Han Gun-Jae was God of Combat's creator and "father". The God of Combat respected Han Gun-Jae and saw his creator as the most powerful god of all, even more so than himself. He greatly respected Han Gun-Jae as shown by the fact that he was the only one that listened to his father when Han Gun-Jae explained the rules about the gods fighting in the beginning of Lucid Adventure. God of Combat was the only god shown to hang out with Han Gun-Jae as seen when God of Combat was present when Han Gun-Jae went fishing. God of Combat informed Han Gun-Jae that Zero wanted to kill him. God of Combat was the only god that seemed concerned when Han Gun-Jae informed the gods he was dying on the gods messaging system.


The God of Combat and Zero were enemies. God of Combat informed his father that Zero wanted to kill Han Gun-Jae.[9] God of Combat defeated Ligos and other Nightmares sent by Zero to take him down.[10] When God of Combat defeated Ligos, he Zero would have to try harder.[11] He insulted Zero, calling her plain stupid for thinking that she could fight him with his fellow gods powers. He was boastful as he believed that he was still more powerful than Zero despite her getting power from the other world.

God of Blessings

They were not particularly close. During his conversation with Choco Bibi, God of Combat even thought God of Blessings was dead.[6] God of Combat was aware that Zero had asked God of Blessings to support Giga.[12] God of Combat had to stop God of Blessings and God of Death from fighting as they would have both died if they fought.[9] They seem to respect each other at least and God of Blessings even thought that God of Combat made No Name, acknowledging his power. When God of Blessings went on a rant, the God of Combat told him to stop with the self pity and made another bet with him. When the God of Combat won the bet, he had tried to claim God of Blessings as a result.

God of Death

Not much interaction has been shown although God of Combat noticed something different about God of Death and was wary of her. God of Combat agreed to God of Death's proposal but was still suspicious of her intentions. God of Combat knew his suspicions were right as God of Death sided with God of Blessings and wanted half of their father's power. He attempted to claim her life along with God of Blessings before she was consumed by Zero.

Gods of Time and Space

They are on good terms. The God of Combat was worried for the Gods of Time and Space when they were attacked by Zero. Both of them knew just how much humans loved this world and as the Gods who love this world as well, will protect it. Although both of them ended up getting betrayed by Yopy.

NPC of Combat

They were the underlings of God of Combat. By the authority of the God of Combat, the NPC of Combat refereed player battles[13][14] and served as hosts of the Combat Tournament.[15]


Dacon was extremely loyal and subservient to God of Combat and was his closest confidante. God of Combat was casual around Dacon, telling her his thoughts and answering her questions, and she appeared to be by his side quite regularly.[16] When Schub took his eye off the God of Combat during the Preliminary Round, Dacon was anxious and worried that God of Combat would cause an accident like he did in the preceding tournament. [2] Dacon arrived just as the participants had all passed out from drinking and took the sheepish God of Combat away who seemed to be wary of Dacon's chastising.[2] Dacon would have killed Choco Bibi for sending 371 mails were it not for the fact that God of Combat took an interest in Choco Bibi.[6] Dacon was put in charge of organising the PvP Round and making everything was prepared.[16] After the God of Combat perished, Dacon perished too. She was reincarnated as an NPC of Combat, losing her memory by the will of the world.[17]


They were not shown directly interacting but Schub respected and served God of Combat. Dacon left Schub in charge of watching God of Combat during the Preliminary Round because God of Combat had caused an accident that messed up the preceding Combat Tournament.[2] Schub was casual and said "god was God".[2]


As repeated offenders of the Combat Tournament rules,[6] the God of Combat disliked Giga, although he was not openly hostile to them.


The God of Combat has not shown hostility or dislike towards Light, only asking him if he was breaking the rules in the Subjugation Round.[8] He had called Light a 'Sweet Potato Head' (고구마머리) that one time however.[18]

Dark's Party

God of Combat found Dark's party as interesting and fun. He hopes to see them all step up their game next time.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

He was fond of Hardcore Leveling Warrior and called Hardcore Leveling Warrior "red hair"(빨간머리)[8] (빨간머리눔이)[10]. He blocked Light's Ruler's Lock from restraining Hardcore Leveling Warrior his implied threat forced Light to back away from Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[8] He was surprised that Hardcore Leveling Warrior's team beat Ligos and found the subjugation round fun because someone else other than Giga won it. For that reason, he removed the Nightmare traces from Hardcore Leveling Warrior but quickly warned Hardcore Leveling Warrior not to use it again as he would not removing it again.[8] He also found Hardcore Leveling Warrior's personal attribute interesting.[8][8]

God of Combat wondered why Hardcore Leveling Warrior was late for the PvP Final and suspected Giga was the cause.[10] God of Combat found Hardcore Leveling Warrior with Han Gun-Jae in The Subconsciousness World and was apologetic to Hardcore Leveling Warrior after Giga cheated by threatening Gong Won-Ho's real life.[10] As a token of apology, God of Combat gave Won-Ho the choice of immediately returning back to Lucid Adventure for the finals via the 1Up Mushroom or returning back to the real world which would have left him unable to return to the final.[7] Hardcore Leveling Warrior chose the former and returned to Lucid Adventure.[7] God of Combat last ever meeting with Hardcore Leveling Warrior was congratulating Team Dark for winning the Combat Tournament and entertaining him.[19]


God of Combat first met Dark at the conclusion of the Subjugation Round and found Dark's personal attribute the most interesting out of all the members of Dark's team.[8] He was aware of Dark's true identity as Han Gun-Jae's son and called Dark "Son of God". God of Combat may have been envious of the close relationship Han Gun-Jae shared with Dark.[12] Being that Dark is his creator's flesh and blood, he was also saddened with Dark when Han Gun-Jae passed away.[19]


There was no interaction between them but God of Combat thought she had an interesting personal attribute as well.[8]


Ego is Sora's ego sword. It had no relationship with God of Combat but once it became a human-type, it mimicked the God of Combat's appearance because God of Combat was the strongest being it had ever seen.[20]



Ligos challenged God of Combat after he joined forces with Nightmare but God of Combat easily defeated him. He thought their fight was really fun and that he didn't even want to kill him. He also thought Ligos was overconfident when the latter boasted. The God of Combat said that it's been a while since he saw someone with so much intensity like Ligos and proceeded to seal him under a mountain to cool him off.[11] During the Subjugation Round, God of Combat released Ligos as the first ever 5 star Level Monster in the Combat Tournament's history and was curious to see how the contestants handled Ligos's power.[21] God of Combat didn't seem to care that Ligos was killed. In fact, he thought it was fun watching Hardcore Leveling Warrior's team defeat Ligos.[8]

Choco Bibi

God of Combat first met Choco Bibi during the Siege Round and was surprised his team beat Ligos.[8] He found Choco Bibi's and his teammates personal attribute interesting.[8] God of Combat took an interest in Choco Bibi after Choco Bibi sent him 371 mails, thinking Choco Bibi was a fan; he ended up disappointing when he found that Bibi wasn't a fan. He invited Choco Bibi to The First Sword to chat with him over some strawberry cake from Yopy Land.[6] God of Combat threatened Choco Bibi several times for what he thought was implying and speaking about his child like looks. Choco Bibi complained and asked why God of Combat wasn't punishing Giga for cheating which led to God of Combat retelling the story of how he had banned the Giga team that won a previous tournament by cheating. God of Combat then told Bibi that he would punish Giga if they cheat in the PvP Round.[6]


God of Combat was on good terms with Yopy as shown by when they shared some popcorn and had back and forth banter whilst watching the Siege Round match between Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Team Lu Bu.[22][23] God of Combat even visited Yopy Land to get a strawberry cake.[6] God of Combat stopped stopped Yopy from using his Last Card on Han Sung-Gong, telling Yopy that it was not the right time.[24] Yopy even served as an official during the PvP Round.[25] This friendly term ended when Yopy revealed his true colours and used Han Gun-Jae's power to critically injure God of Combat and the rest of the gods.[4] God of Combat cursed Yopy and was furious that Yopy would dare use his creator's power like that but Yopy retorted that the gods only used humans as their play things before using Han Gun-Jae's power to completely wipe out the gods.[4] Ultimately, Yopy saw the gods as objects that blocked his goal of controlling Lucid Adventure.


It is unknown what kind of relationship they had but at some point in the past, God of Combat bestowed the Holy relic Sword of Heaven and Hell - Hell and Heaven to Sik.[26]



There's no one whose power surpasses mine. Except for my father, The Absolute God!!
 God of Combat[source]

As one of the four gods created by Han Gun-Jae to watch over Lucid Adventure, God of Combat was one of the absolutes in the game. He was arguably the most powerful god in the game after Han Gun-Jae.[22] God of Combat possessed a formidable arsenal of superhuman and magical abilities - almost all in correlation with combat and warfare, as these were his spheres of influence. Such is the power of the gods in the game that the usually arrogant Giga Empire emperor, Han Sung-Gong, forbade Light from interfering with the Gods for fear of reprisal.[8]

Ligos, whose base form sword strikes could destroy cities[27] and who overwhelmed the no.3 Ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior after undergoing Nightmarization[28], was easily defeated by God of Combat in both his base and Nightmarized forms[11]. God of Combat did not suffer a single blemish on his persons when he defeated Ligos.[11] He also defeated other Nightmares sent by Zero.[10] God of Combat was stronger than a Zero that had absorbed both the God of Blessings and God of Death.[22]

After gaining the power of the users, God of Combat power was around the same level as the God-Killer Zero who had overwhelmed the gods up to that point .[29]

Despite his great power, God of Combat had his limitations and was bound to the rules of the game. Like the other four gods, he was designed to die the moment he started fighting any of the other gods.[9] This rule became lax after Han Gun-Jae perished.[19] God of Combat's absolute belief in his strength was also a weakness that Zero claimed was part of how the gods were created. She said the arrogance of the gods did not allow them to see beyond their boundaries.[22]

Physical Abilities

As the god in charge of all battles in Lucid Adventure, God of Combat possessed immense physical strength, speed, durability and endurance. He was the physically strongest of the four gods.


God of Combat was the physically strongest of the 4 gods. When he fought Ligos, he held one his mountain sized 'Sword of God' with one hand without any physical strain whilst flying in the sky.[11] He easily blocked a high speed punch from a Zero that had absorbed both God of Death and God of Blessings without moving an inch; the force created from the blocked blow caused the Tomb of Swords that was several miles below to tremble, which caused the Combat Tournament spectators to fear for their lives.[22]

Durability and Endurance

As a god, God of Combat possessed incredible durability. Zero continually experimented with karma in order to create god-killing weapons. He easily blocked a blow at high speed from a Zero that had absorbed both God of Death and God of Blessings without taking any damage.[22] He took numerous blows from God-Killer Zero's Rain of God Annihilation that one-shotted 2/3 of the Gods of Time and Space. Only after God-Killer Zero gathered more power from the users was she finally able to pierce God of Combat's flesh with her God killing weapons.[29]

After his flesh was finally pierced by one of God-Killer Zero's weapons, God of Combat simply took out the sword and carried on fighting without showing visible signs of strain.[29]


God of Combat could fly at extremely high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground.[11][24][16][22]


He summoned a cocktail for Medusa to drink during the end of the Preliminary Round.[2] God of Combat teleported to Han Gun-Jae's location from an unknown place.[24] He also teleported to The Subconscious World.[7]

Temporal Resistance

God of Combat may have had some form of Temporal resistance as he was unaffected by one of the Gods of Time and Space's Space-Time Stop.[24] He was paused by Han Gun-Jae's time freeze after the PvP Round finals.[19]


As the god responsible for all the battles in Lucid Adventure, the God of Swordsman was capable of heaven defying swordsmanship. He could summon and battle with his mountain sized 'swords of god' and wield them with incredible proficiency.[11][19] He used his swords of god to deflect Zero's God-killing weapons.[30]

Sword Force

God of Combat could absorb all his 'Divine swords' into his arm to increase his attacking proficiency even further. He Cut Zero in half after she consumed the God of Death and God of Blessings.[22]

Divine Energy Attacks

God of Combat smashed his opponent with a large fist of divine energy.[22]


God of Combat had the ability to permanently banish players from Lucid Adventure. He banished the Giga members that had cheated to win the PvP Round; instead of receiving a reward from the chest, they were permanently banished from the game as a warning.[6]


God of Combat could move objects and people with his mind and did that on a massive scale. After casually defeating Ligos, God of Combat dropped a mountain sized land mass on Ligos's head and told him to "cool off".[11] He used his telekenisis to whisk Chocho's microphone away from her.[18] God of Combat could use telekenisis to control multiple mountain sized 'swords of God'.[19]

Barrier Creation

God of Combat created a crimson barrier that is powerful enough to deflect the immobilization skill of the god graded Item, The Ruler's Lock. The power of Combat God's barrier shocked the Master Wizard, Light.[8]

Nightmare Negation

God of Combat had the ability to remove Nightmare traces from target as shown when he removed the Nightmare traces that Hardcore Leveling Warrior got from using Nightmarization 50%.[31][8] The limitation of this ability was never revealed.

Status Reading

God of Combat could see the skills, items and stats and affiliations of a target.

Skill Information Analysis

He could see the personal attributes of all of Team Dark, Team Choco Bibi, Team Yopy Land and Lila.[11] The exact limitations of this were never revealed.

Item Detection

He was able to detect that one of Team Dark's Hohoians was inadvertently made with a Dragon Stone, which gave them an unfair advantage.[23] This led to Yopy remarking that "I guess you really are a god".[23]

Affiliation Detection

God of Combat could detect that Giga had filled most of the spectator seats in the Tomb of Swords with its own members during the start of the PvP Round semifinals in order to manipulate the match up results. He let them off with a warning.[18]


Unlike mortal NPCs in Lucid Adventure, God of Combat did not age.

Probability Manipulation

God of Combat was able to manipulate the odds of Godcha to increase Dark's chances of drawing a good item.[5] Even with Hardcore Leveling Warrior lending Dark his +999 Luck stat, Godcha draw had a fixed maximum success of 0.2%, but God of Combat raised the success rate.[5] The amount he raised it to is unknown but he did alter it "slightly".

Randomness Inducement: God of Combat created an Arrow that randomly selected participants during the start of the PvP Round.[16]

Game Creation

God of Combat created the Combat Tournament for his entertainment.

Law Creation: God of Combat created specific Rules for each of the rounds of the Combat Tournament.

Stat Manipulation: participants of the Siege Round had their level and stats reset to Zero. Although a player's stats might not go to level 1 depending on their skills and the way they acquired some of the stats. For example, Lu Bu's strength stat remained at 900 because of his Warlord Lv. 1 passive skill[32] and Hardcore Leveling Warrior's strength stat stayed at 500 because he got it directly from Novelist Han, one of the forms of the Absolute God of the game, Han Gun-Jae.[32]

Reward Granting: God of Combat gave rewards to others when completing certain deeds. This includes exp, items and even countries.[33] He was famed for granting God's Gift to the overall winner of the Combat Tournament.

Dimensional Hopping

God of Combat teleported to the The Subconscious World to see Han Gun-Jae and Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[7]

Rule Bending

God of Combat could bend the rules of the game to a certain degree. He created a consumable mushroom that allowed the player's soul to return to Lucid Adventure from the Subconscious World immediately they were killed.[7] This ability limited as God of Combat could not do this after the user's soul returns back to the real world and is bound by Lucid Adventure rules, which prevents a user from logging back in within one hour after their player character is killed.[34]

Authority and Power Bestowal

God of Combat granted the NPC of Combat the authority and power to adjudicate battles in Lucid Adventure. The NPC of Combat have the power to referee battles, enforce rules of combat and distribute rewards. They have the power to at least banish players from the game temporarily if the God of Combat's name is disrespected.[35] God of Combat bestowed the holy relic Sword of Heaven and Hell - Hell and Heaven to the former Demon King, Sik, at some point in the past.[26]

Divine Item Creation

As one of the Gods in the game, God of Combat was capable of creating powerful items such as Godcha[36] and presumably the Sword of Heaven and Hell - Hell and Heaven.[26] Godcha has the power to either grant a godly item to the user or utter destruction on a country level scale.[36]

User-Powered God of Combat

Humans...they always manage to create a loophole! That's what makes them so interesting!
 ― God of Combat[source]

In order to aid the gods during their battle with Zero, Yopy summoned Nutella to transfer a magic formula given to him directly by Han Gun-Jae. The spell transferred the energy that was created by the users' desire to protect Lucid Adventure to both Gods of Combat and God of Time and Space. In this form, God of Combat's power matched God-Killer Zero.[29][4]

Despite this form amplifying God of Combat's power, it could still do nothing against a direct slash from The Creator's avatar that was summoned by Yopy.[4]

Enhanced Physical Abilities: All of God of Combat's physical abilities were enhanced.

  • Enhanced Strength: God of Combat's strength allowed him to injure God-Killer Zero's body, something he could not do before he absorbed the power of the users'.[4]
  • Enhanced Durability: God of Combat tanked the clash between himself, The God of Time and Space and Fused Zero which annihilated the space they were battling in. The clash completely tore apart the Tomb of Swords that was miles beneath it.
  • Enhanced Endurance: God of Combat took a direct blow to the abdomen from Zero's Final Spear that went right through his body but still had enough strength to hold his sword that had pierced God-Killer Zero's chest. Despite blood poring from his mouth, he did not pass out from the pain.

Enhanced Swordsmanship: Before absorbing the users' energy, God of Combat could not pierce God-Killer Zero's flesh even after using Sword Force Annihilation. In this form, God of Combat could finally pierce through God-Killer Zero's flesh; his red energy blade pierced Zero's chest during the final clash of the Gods.

Combat Style

God of Combat fought mainly using his divine swords. Using telekenisis, he could fight at close, mid and long ranges and could launch his Swords of god at his target. Using his Sword Force, he could absorb the power of the swords into his arm which enabled him to cut his targets directly with his hands. He could also use his divine energy to hit his targets with blunt force.

Skill Tree

Divine Skills

Other Skills



Consumable Items

  • 1Up Mushroom: It is a green mushrooms that give the player an extra life. God of Combat gave it to Hardcore Leveling Warrior in The Subconscious World.



God of Combat with Han Gun-Jae

In the beginning, God of Combat was one of the four gods created by Han Gun-Jae to manage Lucid Adventure.[3] At some point in the past, God of Combat bestowed the Sword of Heaven and Hell to the former Demon King.[26] While on a fishing trip with Han Gun-Jae, God of Combat informed his father that Zero wanted to kill him.[9] At some point in the past, Zero sent multiple Nightmares that included Ligos to kill God of Combat but they all failed.[10]

God of Combat remembering the Nightmares sent by Zero (Episode 163).jpg

In a previous Combat Tournament season, Giga cheated during the Pvp Round and threatened opponents from participating in matches. The furious God of Combat wanted to kill htem but did not want to scare off other believers so instead of granting the Giga members that won the tournament the God's Gift which they so desired, God of Combat left a warning instead. Those who opened the chest could never set foot into Lucid Adventure ever again. This embarrassment forced Giga from then on to only use skills during the PvP Round.[6]

God of Combat defeating Ligos

Ligos challenged God of Combat but God of Combat easily sent Ligos into the mountain and told Ligos that it would be a waste to kill him and that Ligos could not beat him like that. Ligos does not listen and forms a contract with Nightmare which surprised God of Combat. Their rematch ends quickly with Ligos being sent into the ground and his head only above ground. God of Combat then lifts a mountain telekinetically drops a large mountain on Ligos's head and tells him too "cool off" for a while. God of Combat then says Zero will have to try harder.[11]

In the penultimate Combat Tournament, God of Combat messed up the tournament and caused problems for Dacon and Schub.[2]

At some point in the past, The God of Combat lodged the giant sword he used in his battle with Ligos at the side of The Temple of Combat God.[37]

Season 1

Preliminary Round Arc

God of Combat pretending to be a waiter

1 Hour before the end of the preliminary round, God of Combat masqueraded as a waiter and served the 28 participants that arrived at the Land of Combat. He welcomed Medusa's team to the party and offered them food and drinks before giving Werewolf strawberry juice as she was underage. God of Combat then convinced Medusa to drink in a quiet spot and relax.[2]

Dacon flying away with God of Combat

God of Combat the watched as the participants had a drinking competition which ended up with Lime beating Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing. He was surprised Oz won. Dacon then arrives, relieved that God of Combat had not messed up this years tournament like the previous one. Dacon the carries God of Combat away.[2]

Subjugation Round Arc

Dacon notices that God of Combat was more interested in this years Combat Tournament than the previous ones. Dacon complains to God of Combat about the difficulty that her and Schub are having the 5 star level monster, Ligos. God of Combat giggles and says that the contestants in this years tournaments are interesting and the bar has been raised.[21]

As Light was about to bind Hardcore Leveling Warrior with The Ruler's Lock for using Nightmare, God of Combat intervened and created a barrier around Hardcore Leveling Warrior that deflected Light's God's immobilizing equipment. God of Combat reminded Light that combats are only allowed during the round according to the rules which forced Light to reluctantly backs off. God of Combat then talks to Hardcore Leveling Warrior's group and tells them they were fun and they all had interesting personal attributes, especially Dark. He removes traces of Nightmare from Hardcore Levling Warrior but warned Hardcore Leveling Warrior that it would be the last time he would do it.[8]

Siege Round Arc

God of Combat laughing at Hardcore Leveling Warrior because of the increased difficulty while Yopi and a spectator watch (Episode 80).jpg

During the fight between Hardcore Leveling Warrior's party and Lu Bu's party during the Siege Round, God of Combat appears in the spectator stand laughing at Hardcore Leveling Warrior's shock at the increased difficulty of the siege round orcs whilst eating popcorn. God of Combat says that he warned that the difficulty level was raised a bit in this tournament.[38]

God of Combat eating Yopi's popcorn (Episode 86).jpg

Yopy offers the spectator sitting beside him popcorn but God of Combat asks for some. He finds the kimchi flavoured popcorn weird and Yopy tells God of Combat "kid, you've had enough. buy your own popcorn".[22] After Lu Bu uses Dark Warrior's Helmet and begins to overwhelm Hardcore Leveling Warrior's team, Yopy aks God of Combat if that is okay and God of Combat says he doesn't care because it is fun. He says that Yopy should carry on pretending like he is some sort of older brother and Yopy is getting desperate because the team he bet on is losing. God of Combat then tells Yopy that Hardcore Leveling Warrior's team had cheated without knowing and they have something up their sleeves. God of Combat and Yopy watched as a spectator fervently celebrated Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior's win.[23]

Pooh Upooh Retrieval Arc

God of Combat chatting with Choco Bibi over strawberry cakes (Episode 95).jpg

God of Combat invited Choco Bibi to the First Sword for after receiving 371 mails from him, thinking Choco Bibi was a fan. Choco Bibi is surprised that the waiter in the Preliminary Round was the God of Combat which led to God o Combat thinking that Choco Bibi implied that a kid could not be a god. God of Combat offered Choco Bibi a strawberry cake that he got from Yopy Land and threatened to kill Choco Bibi if he was called a kid again.

God of Combat is disappointed that Bibi's letters weren't fan letters and Bibi angrily asks God of Combat why he wasn't doing anything about Giga Guild's cheating. God of Combat tells Bibi the story about how he permanently banished the Giga players that won a previous Combat Tournament for cheating during the PvP Round and tells Bbibi he will punish anyone that cheats during the PvP Round and messes with his "strawberries".[6]

Dark's Birthday Arc

Not yet Yopy..

Along with the other 3 gods, God of Combat was contacted by the dying Han Gun-Jae and was shocked that Han Gun-Jae contacted them through the messenger as he rarely talked to the gods through it. Han Gun-Jae tells the gods he is dying and that Zero wants his spot. God of Combat and the other 4 gods appear where Han Gun-Jae is and God of Combat stops Yopy from using his Last Card on Han Sung-Gong, telling Yopy that "it's not the right time". After the red-eyed God of Time and Space stops time on Han Gun-Jae's request, God of Combat says that they should discuss how to become the next 'god'.[24]

The Gods talking about picking the next Absolute God (Episode 108).jpg

God of Blessing tries to declare himself as the next 'Absolute God' and almost gets into a fight with God of Death but both are stopped by God of Combat reminding them that they are designed to die if they fight each other. God of Combat then suggested that the gods each pick a racehorse in the PvP Round with the owner of the winning team becoming the next god. Han Gun-Jae agrees and says it sounds fun but God of Combat doesn't understand why Han Gun-Jae would join in when they are choosing his successor.

God of Combat warning the gods to not fight (Episode 108).jpg

Han Gun-Jae explains that he is concerned about Zero entering the tournament and the 4 gods secretly picking the same team which would force Han Gun-Jae to stop them himself. Han Gun-Jae then suggests that one more member be added to each team which God of Combat finds interesting.[9] When God of Blessings picks Giga as his racehorse, God of Combat reveals he knew that Zero talked God of Blessings into helping Giga all along. God of Combat and Han Gun-Jae discuss what happens if Zero wins. God of Combat watches on as one of the Gods of Time and Space returns the Giga and Yopy Land characters to their respective bases with Mass Return and Han Gun-Jae comforting the crying Dark before disappearing from Lucid Adventure.[12]

God of Combat and Dacon watching Team Dark's Godcha draw (Episode 121).jpg

PvP Round Prelude Arc

God of Combat could be seen observing Team Dark's Godcha draw with Dacon in The First Sword. God of Combat tampered with the odds slightly but was shocked to see Darkist. The worried Dacon comments that the clause between the gods said that they should not aid the users but God of Combat responded saying that Team Dark are not his team and it's more fun this way. He admitted that he did not even want to be the next God.[5]

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

PvP Round Final Arc

Ragnarök Arc


After the death of the God of Combat, God of Time and Space and Zero, The power of The Creator which Han Gun-Jae tried to hand to the four Gods, along with the inherent power of the four Gods had and the power of the world core that belonged to Zero combined together and formed a huge energy.[4] The energy rained down all over Lucid Adventure and soaked the world. This incident became known as 'The Great Change' and led to the regeneration of the rules of Lucid Adventure.[39] One of the new rules that emerged as a result of the barrier's destruction is Sleepwalk, which allows the winner of a PvP battle to gain rewards in real life that do no cause threats to a players life. The loser is drawn by a supernatural power to fulfil the wishes of the winner.[17]

Dacon perished after the God of Combat was killed. The power of the world reincarnated her as the NPC of Combat without her old memories.[17] After the death of God of Combat, the ranking system was reestablished by Lucid Ball, which emerged after the Divine Power was absorbed into the world. The limit for the Lucid Ball Ranking System was was based on Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who had reached the humanly limit when he was the Rank No.1 Player.[40]

A stone plate with an image of the God of Combat at the Tower of Abstinence (Season 2 Episode 15).jpg

After the death of the Gods, the barrier separating the real world and Lucid Adventure fell apart and over the next 14 years (2 years Real World Time), Lucid Adventure absorbed the Lucid that kept flowing into it from the real world without limit and grew 10 times in size. This led to the major Guilds in Lucid Adventure including Giga Empire, Anti-Giga Coalition, Elixir Plant Guild, Dark Land and New Nightmare vying for 100% control of the increased land mass.[41]

Three Divine towers were created after The Gods power were reabsorbed into the Lucid Adventure, including Tower of Abstinence and Crosswalk of Moon.[42] Divine Items were all at the top of these towers.[43][44] In the Tower of Abstinence a Stone Plate with an image of the God of Combat could was found. The stone plate had an ancient inscription, warning all the visitors to the tower.[44]

After being made into a human-type by consuming Light Sword - Will, Ego chose to take on the appearance of God of Combat, the strongest being he had seen at that point.[20]

The Sword of Heaven and Hell - Hell and Heaven that the God of Combat bestowed upon the former Demon King was used by the Demon King's successor Ge Des, during the battle between players and the Demon King's Army.[26]

Major Battles

  • God of Combat vs. Ligos
  • God of Combat vs Zero sent Nightmares
  • God of Combat vs. Zero
  • God of Combat and Gods of Time and Space vs. Zero
  • God of Combat and God of Time and Space vs. Zero


  • (To Ligos): "Come on now, I'm one of the gods that created this world. I won't lose to a guy like you".[11]
  • (To Ligos): "A Nightmare...Zero, that's not enough".[11]
  • (To Light): "Combats are only allowed during the round. That's the rule I made. Are you not going to follow that, Light?"[8]
  • (To Dacon): "The truth is, I don't want to be the next God".[5]
  • (To Zero): "If you thought you could beat me with the power of my two brothers, I'd say you are darn stupid. I'm the God of Combat, the god who overlooks all the battles in this world. There's no one whose power surpasses mine. Except for my father, the Absolute God!!"[22]

* (From Zero): "Yes, you guys were created that way. The arrogance of not being able to see beyond your boundaries."[22]

* (Yopy to people present): "It is foolish to fight Giga now that the balance is broken. We have to take advantage of the God of Combat's power".[45]

Video Games

Non-Playable Appearances

Translation Notes & Issues


Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Changes


전투의 신 was translated as Combat God in Episode 22 and has since been incorrectly translated as God of War since Episode 108 by LINE Webtoon.

전투 literally means "combat; battle; fight". 신 means "god; deity".

The actual translation is God of Combat, God of Battle or God of Fighting.

The actual Korean for God of War is 전쟁의 신, 갓 오브 워 or even 투신 (鬪神).


System Name

Curiously during the Siege Round, 'The System' called him 투기신 which means "Combat God; Martial Arts God" in Episode 45, when it gave Hardcore Leveling Warrior the Hunt the Mysterious Murderer quest. 투기 can mean either 鬪技 or 鬪气.

鬪技 is used for when to people fight against each other and it is also the short form of 格鬪技, which means "combat sports; martial arts". 鬪气. means "fighting Qi; fighting energy" so is less appropriate to this.

International Translations

Language Name English


Traditional Chinese
  • 戰神 (Zhànshén)
  • 戰鬥之神 (Zhàndòu zhī shén)
  • God of War
  • God of Combat; God of Battle; God of Fighting
LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese)
  • Combat God
  • God of War
LINE Webtoon (English)
French Dieu Du Combat God of Combat LINE Webtoon (French)
Japanese LINE Manga

Notes & Trivia

God of Combat Gender error translation (Episode 121).jpg

Gender Mistranslation

In Episode 121, Dacon said "신이시여". LINE incorrectly translates this as "My Goddess". Depending on the context it can mean "My God; Oh My God; My Lord". In this context it means "My God". Goddess in Korean means "여신". This has led to people thinking God of Combat was a girl.


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