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I'll make this easier for you. I'll be your God now. Unfortunately, there is noone better than I am
 ― God of Blessings[source]

God of Blessings was one of The Four Gods created by The Absolute God to manage Lucid Adventure.[1][2][3] He is the one in-charge of distributing the buffs and debuffs to every player and NPC as he resides in his temple.[4]

The God of War thought he was dead[5] although according to Choco Bibi, he wasn't and was a bearded pessimist.[5]The God of Blessings was killed by God of Death who had been consumed by Zero.[6]


The God of Blessing is a blood red skinned man with long black hair and glowing golden eyes. He wore a black glasses, knee length black closure coat that zipped up and black boots. He has facial hair but according to Choco Bibi, he was a bearded man.



The God of Blessings was a consistently rude and arrogant god that thinks himself superior to all other gods. He was overconfident as he had interrupted Han Gun-Jae mid-speech, saying why would they listen to him and proposed himself as their next Absolute God.[7] He also plays favorites as he had supported Giga from the beginning and he was fuming when Light's team was losing to Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[8]

However, he gets extremely enraged whenever things don't go his way such as when he was outraging on the fact that Hardcore Leveling Warrior destroyed his chosen team.[9] Despite his appearance and arrogant attitude, he is not afraid of fighting back as when the God of Death said she wanted to kill him, he was ready for a fight immediately[7] and even after he had lost the bet that he would relinquish his divine powers if he lost, he still tried to fight against the God of Combat.[8][6]



Han Gun-Jae

Even though Han Gun-Jae was his creator, the God of Blessings doesn't too care much about him. When Han Gun-Jae began talking, the God of Blessings interrupted him and asked why would they listen to him. The God of Blessings seems to have been waiting for Han Gun-Jae to die and give his power as it was the only reason he came to him and even proclaimed himself as the new Absolute God of Lucid.[10]

God of Combat

Although God of Blessings look down on all other gods, he still seems to respect God of Combat as he asked God of Combat if he was the one that purified Nightmare inside No Name and made her, this meant that God of Blessings acknowledges God of Combat's power.[11] He had previously thought that the God of Combat was pathetic for wasting time watching mortals fight until he experienced it himself and thought it was fun after all.[4]

Nevertheless, they are still fellow competitors and have bad relations as when God of Blessing was ranting about his team losing, God of Combat proposed him a bet and kept the match going but the condition is that if God of Blessing's team loses even after using Nightmare, he will relinquish all his powers.[9] God of Blessings lost and when God of Combat came to collect his life, he had tried fight back against him.[6]

Gods of Time and Space

They were on bad terms as they were fellow competitors for the Absolute God title[10] and also the God of Blessing's team crushed the three Goddesses team too easily and laughed at them.[12] God of Blessings stated that the Goddesses of Fate's ability to see the future is pathetic and is nothing but a haze when it came to humans with their infinite possibilities.[13] Both had even accused each other of cheating before God of Combat stopped them.[12]

God of Death

They were on bad terms with each other as when God of Blessings proposed that he'd be the new God of Lucid, God of Death openly said that she wanted to kill him. They almost fought before being stopped by God of Combat.[7]

During the PVP Round, God of Blessings thought that God of Death was trying to get on his good side as she proposed to continue the match.[4] After God of Combat proposed another bet, God of Death sided with him and he reluctantly agreed to give her half of the Creator's power.[9] When God of Combat came to claim their lives, God of Blessings called on God of Death to help him but he was betrayed by the God of Death and was devoured.[6]


Giga Empire

The God of Blessings favored Giga, giving them blessings for their success and sided with them always.[14]


Zero was the one that enticed God of Blessings into helping Giga. God of Blessings considers her a "broken tool" and was confident that he could take on Zero once he became the new Absolute God.[4]

Skills & Abilities


You want a fight? Bring it on.
 ― God of Blessings[source]

As one of the Gods created by Han Gun-Jae to watch over Lucid Adventure, God of Blessings was one of the absolutes in the game. As the God of Blessings, he was in charge of granting blessings towards every single user[4]. Buffs, debuffs and curses all fall under his sphere of influence as well. It is heavily implied that the reason Giga was so powerful was because of the God of Blessing's support.[14]

Combat Style

Shown when God of Death threatened him, God of Blessings seems to fight with a wand which means that he fights with magic and true to his name, buffs himself up as well before fighting.

Divine Skills


  • Orb of Blessings: a holy relic of the God of Blessings that absorbs any attacks, no matter what the power.
  • Coffin of Blessings: Condenses mana absorbed and gathers it as damage that is capable of hitting for one billion damage.



In the beginning, God of Blessings was one of the four gods created by Han Gun-Jae to manage Lucid Adventure.[1] At some point in the past, Zero talked the God of Blessings into helping Giga, which made the empire powerful as a result.[14]

Season 1

Dark's Birthday Arc

The God of Blessings and the other Gods are messaged by Han Gun-Jae through an unknown chat box and told them to come where he is.[10] The God of Blessings arrives, along with the other Gods and have a conversation with Han Gun-Jae on who will be the next God. The God of Blessings boldly proposes himself as the next Absolute God but is met with great hostility from God of Death who wanted to kill him. The God of Blessings summons his wand and prepares to fight.[7]

After the God of Combat proposes the Combat Tournament, the God of Blessings chose the Giga Empire as his team in the tournament.[7] The God of Combat calls him out for being talked into helping Giga by Zero. After the Gods of Time and Space teleport Giga and Yopy Land back to their respective territories, God of Blessings watches on as Han Gun-Jae has a talk with Dark.[14]

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

The God of Blessings arrives to the Tomb of Swords for the Combat Tournament along with the other Gods and take their seats.[15] The God of Blessing complained that the first match was boring since the Dragon Knight wasn't using his full power at all.[16] He was finally interested when the Dragon Knight started to use his Dragon Skills.[17]

It is announced after the first round that Team Choco Bibi will face off against Team Light in the second round of the Quarter finals, God of Blessings pities the Gods of Time as their chosen team is already "out".[18]

After the Gods of Time saw that their foreseen future of their team changed, the God Blessings calls their fortune telling pathetic and that's nothing but a haze when it came to humans with their infinite possibilities. It's then revealed by Light that the God of Blessings granted them his blessings, bringing out their full potential with the best buff.[13]

After his team won, the God of Blessings mockingly laughs at the Gods of Time and Space for such an easy match. When the latter accused him of cheating, he also accused them of cheating as well for granting someone the ability to manipulate time and space. Their bicker is stopped by the God of Combat.[19]

The God of Death reveals her time and the God of Blessings warns her that her team might face his in the next round.[12]

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

The God of Blessings tells the God of Death that she was unlucky when her team faced off against his.[20] He is seen snickering when his team won again.[21]

After No Name awakens her purified Nightmare powers, the God of Blessings is impressed that she purified the Nightmare. He then asks the God of Combat if he made that, adding on that it was dangerous.[11]

During the match, the God of Blessings was surprised and laughed at the God of Death who had proposed that the finals should happen immediately rather than three days. He is amused and asks her if she was trying to get on his good side.[11]

Escape From Seoul Arc

The God of Blessings talks to the God of Combat and tells him that he thought that it was pathetic of the god to waste his time by watching the humans fight but learned that it was actually fun for him which is why he states that when he becomes the new Absolute God of Lucid Adventure, he'll make his fellow gods fight each other, including Zero.[4]

The God of Blessings then tells the God of Death, who spoke about Zero's power, that he could easily handle Zero. Adding on that the God of Death should learn to be more consistent if she was kissing up to someone.[4]

PvP Round Final Arc

The God of Blessings waves at the audience with a benevolent smile on his face as the finals began.[22]

After Hardcore Leveling Warrior destroyed his team and Light used Nightmare, the God of Blessings was enraged and loudly complained. He was extremely surprised to see a human that powerful and goes on to say that the match didn't count. The God of Blessings question the God of Combat who had proposed that they continue the match and that if the God of Blessings lost, he'll relinquish his divine powers.[9]

The God of Blessings grits his teeth in anger as God of Death took his side and who had told him to give him half of the Absolute God's powers.[9]The God of Blessings is seen with a very distraught expression as Hardcore Leveling Warrior finished off ??? Light.[8]

The God of Blessings readies himself as the God of Combat came for his and the God of Death's heads. He then asks why the God of Death was just sitting around, telling her to help him but is met with a brutal stab through the heart by the God of Death. The God of Blessings was then devoured by the God of Death who turned into Zero.[6]


After the death of the Gods and Zero, the power of The Creator which Han Gun-Jae wanted to tried to hand over to the four Gods, the inherent power of the four Gods had, and the power of the world core that belonged to Zero all combined and formed a huge energy that rained down throughout the entire Lucid Adventure similar to snowflakes. New world rules such as Sleepwalking were generated.[23][24]

Despite the death of the God of Blessings, the concept of buffs and debuffs as a whole didn't disappear from Lucid Adventure and remained much like the concept of time.[25]

His relics, such as the Coffin of Blessings and Orb of Blessings, are passed on to the Giga Empire which are used for the subjugation of Named Monsters or massive raids.[26]

Notes & Trivia

  • The God of Blessings was the third God revealed in Lucid Adventure.