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God's Hand is a divine item in Lucid Adventure.


This is the hand that God cut off himself.[1]

The Hand of God is made of divine flesh that cannot be penetrated even by The Master Blacksmith's 'bug weapons'.[1]

Zero is constantly trying to create a weapon powerful enough to kill God and used the hand to test her created weapons.[1]



After her defeat by Han Gun-Jae, Zero tried spreading a curse through his body that would destroy his core and lead to Lucid Adventure's collapse. Han Gun-Jae managed to dismember his own arm before the curse spread.[2]

The dismembered hand came to be in the possession of Zero.[1]

Season 1

Pooh Upooh Retrieval Arc

Zero created An Unnamed Master Blacksmith's Weapon and gave it to a Nightmare dummy to test it on God's Hand.[1] The arrow shot from the Nightmare weapon did not leave a single blemish on God's Hand, which angered Zero.[1]



Notes & Trivia

  • The Hand was revealed to be Han Gun-Jae's in Episode 108.

Setting Error(?)

  • Although Han Gun-Jae cut off his left hand in Episode 108, it is his right hand that was shown to have been dismembered and used by Zero in Episode 90. This is most likely an error by the author