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Gods were the highest entities that existed in the Lucid Adventure


In the beginning, there was Han Gun-Jae, The Creator God. Using The God's Toy and Zero, Han Gun-Jae created Lucid Adventure. Zero was a 'God' used as a tool to aid Han Gun-Jae. After Lucid Adventure was created, Zero handed over all of her powers back to Han Gun-Jae. The cores of the world were stored in both Han Gun-Jae and Zero.

With the aid of Zero, Han Gun-Jae created the Four Gods to manage Lucid Adventure.[1] As Han Gun-Jae was dying, he gathered the Four Gods one last time in order to decide who will be the next God after he dies.

It was decided that the next God would be settled with the Combat Tournament. Seeing as Zero was a God, she had the right to be involved in the tournament. Each God picked a team to back, with the winning team deciding the new Absolute God of the game.

The God of Death and Zero picked 'Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing, God of Blessings picked Team Light, Gods of Time and Spae picked Team Choco Bibi. God of Combat and Han Gun-Jae were the only Gods to not directly pick a team.

After the Combat Tournament, Han Gun-Jae perished which weakened the rules of the game. In the midst of the chaos, God of Death kills and devours God of Blessings. God of Death then turns out to have been Zero, who had consumed the God of Death from the inside out after God of Death absorbed Zero's Nightmare seed. Two of the three Gods of Time and Space were killed by Zero. In the end, Yopi used his Last Card to summon Han Gun-Jae's power to kill God of Combat, God of Time and Space and Zero.

The power of The Creator which Han Gun-Jae tried to hand to the four Gods, along with the inherent power of the four Gods had and the power of the world core that belonged to Zero combined together and formed a huge energy. The energy rained down all over Lucid Adventure and soaked the world.[2]


After the death of The Gods, The rules of Lucid Adventure were rewritten. One of the new rules created was Sleepwalk, which has been causing a lot of issues in the real world.

Due to the death of the God of Combat, the ranking system was re-established by Lucid Ball, which emerged after the Divine Power was absorbed into the world. The limit for the Lucid Ball Ranking System was was based on Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who had reached the humanly limit when he was the Rank No.1 Player.

The death of all the Gods created a power vacuum, leading to all the major Guilds vying for full control of the world. The legacy of Zero was left in the form of the Nightmare Players. The Nightmare Players eventually found Zero's last daughter and made her their Queen. New Nightmare was formed and is current trying to conquer the world alongside the 4 Major powers.

Known Gods

Primordial Gods

The Four Gods

Notes & Trivia

  • There are also Gods in the Real World and are supposedly playful according to The Witch.[3]
  • In Episode 81, a Machine God was mentioned in the infobox of the Reconfigurator M127. It is unclear what it is as it was never mentioned again in the webtoon.
  • Han Gun-Jae was confirmed to be the Creator God in Episode 77. Zero was confirmed to be a God in Episode 108.
  • On the Gods messenger in Episode 107, G_2 is God of Combat, G_3 is God of Death, G_4a,4b,4c are the Three Goddesses of Fate and G_5 is God of Blessings. G_1 may be Han Gun-Jae while some other believe G_0 is Zero but this has not been confirmed.