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Giga Group is largest conglomerate in the Hardcore Leveling Warrior Series. It's current Chairman is Han Sung-Gong. It is the is the largest South Korean chaebol.

It also has other branches such as such as Giga Game and Giga University Hospital.

The Giga Empire, formerly known as Giga Guild is the Lucid Adventure extension of Giga Group.



At some point in the past Roy Han's Wife was the Chairman of Giga Group. When she passed, Roy Han became the Chairman.[1]

Three Years ago, a Labour Union led a strike in one of the meatpacking plants presided over by James Han.


Giga Game

Giga Empire

Giga Overseas Team

The Overseas Team (Hangul: 해외팀의, Romaja: haeoetim-ui) is presumably and international team of Giga Group not based in South Korea. Very little has been revealed about this team, but according to Nathan Han, Helen is a part of this team.[2]




Giga Group Locations

Real World

Notes & Trivia

  • The Line Webtoon translation of '회장' uses 'President' or 'Chairman' interchangeably. Roy Han is sometimes described as 'The President' or 'The Chairman' depending on the translator.
  • The main activities of Giga Group pre-Lucid Adventure has not been revealed.


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