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The Giga Empire, also known as simply Giga , was the largest Empire and the former no.1 guild in Lucid Adventure.

After the Giga Empire was weakened by an invasion from the Demon King Ge Des and was betrayed by a former allied guild, Anti-Giga Coalition, the entire empire fell to New Nightmare.[1]

The Giga Empire's castles were all destroyed by New Nightmare and No Name, took all of their pages. As a result, the empire lost 90% of their progress in completing the Absolute Quest.[2]


The Giga Empire was the largest empire and the true 'centre' of Lucid Adventure. To the normal players, Giga are seen as the 'Light and 'justice' in Lucid Adventure, but they use nefarious methods to control the game , using any means necessary to control the game and get what they want.[3]

Giga banned the use of Nightmare but use Nightmare skills themselves.[4] There are different factions within the Empire all vying for the favour of the Emperor such as Totoras and Bromorten.[5]

They were estimated to have the highest quest clear count in the game and own 35% of Lucid Adventure.




The Giga Empire first started out as Giga Guild (기가길드, GigaGildeu). It is unknown when the guild expanded into the Empire but it presumably happened after Giga absorbed multiple kingdoms, territories and gathered enough members into the guild.

Previous Combat Tournament

At some point in the past, Giga won a previous iteration of The Combat Tournament. They cheated in the PvP Round and threatened the opponents off the match. This infuriated God of Combat so much that instead of giving 'God's Gift' as a reward, those who opened the chest could never set foot into Lucid Adventure again.[6]

The Very First War

At some unknown point in the past, Giga and Yopi Land were at war. Giga and Yopi Land agreed to an armistice to deal with he growing power of Nightmare and they fought together during The Very First War. Nightmare was stopped and went into an idle period and most of the castles of The Giga Empire have recovered from the damage.[7]

Assassinating Dark

The elders of the Han Family who knew that Carter Han was close to his grandfather kept hiring assassins to kill him everytime he logged into Lucid Adventure, forcing him to log out.[8]

Season 1

Leaf Dungeon Arc

Giga sent an Assassin to kill Dark once again but he was foiled by the timely intervention of Lime and severely injured.[9] This forced Giga to send out their Diplomatic Team to Yopi Land, where they threatened to reignite the war if Yopi did not back off from Dark.[7]

All video transmissions are under surveillance of The Giga Empire forcing people other players to hold face to face meetings in order to prevent leaks.[10]

Combat Tournament Prelude Arc

During the Preliminary Round, Giga spent a lot of money to buy more than half the competitors who were fighitng in the tournament. Any competitors who made a great contribution will be allowed to join Giga. They planned to finish everyone who was not on their side.[11]

Preliminary Round Arc

Subjugation Round Arc

Of the 32 teams that past the Preliminary Round, nearly half of them were on Giga's side during the Subjugation Round.[12]

Giga offered 50 thousand for the capture of each member of Hardcore Leveling warrior's Alliance during the Subjugation Round.[13]

Dark's Birthday Arc

Giga invaded Yopi Land to capture Roy Han and they managed to destroy most of the armies of during their infiltration Yopi Land.[14][15] In the end their soldiers were sent back to where they came from by one of the Three Goddesses of Fate Divine Mass Teleport.[16]

The rumour that the winner of the Pvp Round in the Combat Tournament will be the owner of Lucid Adventure was used by Giga to promote Lucid Adventure once again.[16]

PvP Quarter Final Round

Shortly before the PvP Round, a number of players were wither assassinated or imprisoned by Giga. This was a way for them to get rid of any possible threats in advance that Giga themselves could not recruit. This carried up all the way onto the players were registered.[17]

Trial of the Dragon Arc

A meeting was held regarding the teams that passed the quarter finals of the PVP Round and had captured a minion of the Dragon of Evil which they had intended to interrogate but was killed by Light.

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

Giga or specifically, Team Light, are having difficulties with a machine but win the match regardless. Giga is surprised when it was announced that the finals would begin shortly, leaving them a short amount of time to eliminate Hardcore Leveling Warrior before the finals.

PvP Round Final Arc

Team Light faces off against Team Dark but were solely defeated with ease by Hardcore Leveling Warrior who was rewinded back to his prime. Through Light, the Giga Empire was witnessed to have used Nightmare by thousands of people.

Ragnarök Arc

The Giga Empire leaves the Combat God's Arena, ignoring the chaos and destruction around them. They were halted and softly threatened by The Best Swordsman and Choco Bibi to stay and help otherwise the media would go crazy over the fact that Giga used Nightmare.

Giga denied the accusation, ignoring them both and teleported back to their bases.


Giga's Mass Media manipulation

The rumor that Giga uses Nightmare was confirmed to be a black consumer's malicious rumor, and people slowly forgot about it. Not even three months passed, and the rumor couldn't be heard from anywhere.

It was revealed that Constant was used as a means to force the public to forget about it through his abilities.

What Giga Does

The tangible and intangible profit that Giga gained from Lucid Adventure was astronomical. Due to the expected global demand of Lucid Adventure, which is only serviced domestically for now, the stock prices of Giga Games and all Giga associates were skyrocketing, reminding them of the Dot Com Fever.

Giga had monopolized the new world and had found a way to further strengthen their power that was invisible but very real.

Giga's Spy

Giga had trouble invading Carmon Guild Castle due to the enemy Guild Master's personal attribute but were able to invade it after an unknown spy had infiltrated and destroyed the guild from the inside.

The spy was recruited into Giga and was promised by the spy that she would open Dark's gates in time.

Dark Arc

The C.E.O. of Giga, Han Gun-Jae, passed away and a funeral was held in honor of his wishes. There was a huge controversy over his will as the one who would win will be the next C.E.O. of the Giga Enterprise.

Ultimately, it'll be a competition inside Giga on whoever inherits his position.

Season 2

Sleepwalking Arc

Lucid Adventure Arc

Finding Lucky Coin Pieces Arc

Summit Arc

Giga Territories

Known Characters

Leader Team 1 Important Individuals
Totoras Bromorten

Special Inspection Department

13th Team

Totoras Affiliated Myth Team Others

Giga Teams

Security Team

The purpose of the security team is to eliminate any Nightmare user they detect and terminate their accounts so that they'll never play Lucid Adventure forever. They are able to use divine and ancient relics that specializes in restraining and binding their targets.

They are also in charge of guarding Giga's bases and any important officials in Giga.

Diplomatic Ambassadors

These teams are in charge of the affairs between other countries or guilds. They make sure that relations between Giga and other guilds are peaceful and non hostile, even making deals to ensure good relations.

Special Investigation Department

The department headed by Han Gun-Ho that handles highly classified cases both in and outside of Lucid Adventure. They are often involved in various experimentations by the Science Department. Despite the name of the department, they also specialize in assassinations both in game and in real life as well.

Science Department

The department is in charge of mass manufacturing machines, experimentations of any kind, and creating new technology for the Giga Empire. They conduct experiments on areas they deem fit such as Cobalt Castle.

They're currently undergoing a top-secret project of copying and overlaying personal attributes on Giga's high rankers. Although the success rate of the project was below 0.1%, they were able to create two successful cases, Xiang Yu and Guan Yu.

Combat Tournament Teams

These were the chosen teams with handpicked players by Giga who are in charge of winning the Tournament and getting the God of Combat's reward which are extremely valuable to Giga's plans. Although the teams are carefully handpicked, Giga is notorious for cheating the tournament through threats, bribery, and sometimes murder.

Military Strength

As the extension of Giga Group and the former #1 Guild, they had the largest army in Lucid Adventure. They had the highest number of ranked and unranked players, even boasting the highest number of top rankers with Rank #2 Ham, Rank #5 Gangrim, and Rank #6 Zhao Yun. With them all, Giga was able to secure 35% of the lands in Lucid Adventure and have the highest quest clear count.

As Lucid Adventure connected with the Real World, it began to accept newfound powers from the other world. Machine and Science are two of the many new powers. A nation which conquered those powers distributed their great power to many and expanded their territory faster than anyone. That is the current empire of Giga.

Army of Machines

An army of machines with the highest stats form the bulk of Giga's army. Not only are they incredibly numerous, they are extremely expendable as Giga is able to continuously mass manufacture machine soldiers and can even turn a player into a mechanic or machine.

Specialized Teams

Giga's army has multiple branches of teams that serves different purposes. The most notable ones are the Aerial Team and the Diving Team. Some of the Han Family even have their own personal teams that serve their own purposes first before Giga's.

Team 1

Team 1, also known as the 12 Generals are headed by Han Sung-Gong himself. It was a team that was composed of carefully selected individuals from the entirety of Giga that the Emperor liked.

Team 12

Team 12 was a massive raid team of Giga that participate in raids with use of divine items and artifacts.

Mythical Team

The team of players with mythical personal attributes headed by Han Soo-Ah. Not much is known about them.

Special Forces

The team of players with personal attributes that are heavily affected by Nightmare that handles classified cases and monitors Giga's allies. It's current team leader is Gorilla and it's director is Han Gun-Ho.

Foreign Relations

Yopi Land

Giga and Yopi Land have been enemies ever since the start of the game. Though they have had multiple truces, both have always tried to take advantage of one another in the shadows. Both vied for absolute control of Lucid Adventure.


A castle owned by Sad Smile and was used to experiment on the Undead using the NPCs.

Dark Land

The northern country and guild, Dark Land is a clear enemy of Giga as it is lead by Dark who is the vein of Giga.

New Nightmare

The Giga Empire's new enemy guild that took over more than 50% of their territories in their first incursion. Though Giga was able to recover their territories and had the highest Nightmare kill count, the empire fell to the New Nightmare Guild as it was weakened by an invasion from Ge Des and Yopy's betrayal of their alliance.


The Gods


Zero is considered as artificial intelligence and has been fully analyzed as it serves as Han Sung-Gong's chess piece. Through her, Giga is able to use Nightmare's powers and even control some of it as it has been used for many of their experiments.

It should also be noted that the 'Zero' Giga has is merely a head.

God of Blessings

It is unknown when but the God of Blessings has always supported Giga Empire, providing them with his artifacts and even granting them favourable blessings or buffs.

God of Death

Giga is curious on the power of the God of Death and wanted to see it for themselves.


Mercenaries like the Green Blood Mercenaries are often hired by Giga to harass other Guilds or for whatever they want them to do.


Han Gun-Jae

Han Gun-Jae was the former president of Giga until Han Sung-Gong succeeded him. Giga Empire had attempted multiples time to find Han Gun-Jae's avatar in game in order to capture him for their "Project Linkage" and take away his powers, granting it to Han Sung-Gong.

Han Gun-Woo

Dark is considered as the 'Vein of Giga' and was able to grow his kingdom in fearsome speed. Giga used to hunt down Dark when he was weak and practically banned him from playing the game.

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