Gambler is one of the Jobs in Lucid Adventure.


Gambler is one of the many classes within Lucid Adventure and its a class that specializes in gambling related skills and stats. The problem is that in Lucid Adventure, a world full of adventure and romance, no one was interested in a class that was more suited to parlors or dark pubs to wins chips and bets.[1]

Because of this, the number of people who actually pick this 'gambler' class is small in number and it is quite rare for someone to pick it regardless. Since it was unpopular, nobody bothered to change their job into one later on.[1]

Gamblers rely on chance and luck in both game and combat situations. They can flip a coin, roll a dice, draw cards, spin a roulette and activate a slot machine to give random effects that are extremely powerful when successful, but detrimental if unsuccessful. The success of this class is heavily dependent on the players Luck Stat.

A unique ability of this character class is the ability to take stats as reward in a Legal Combat when usually only lives and fortunes are at stake.[2]

Known Skills




Known Gamblers

Notes & Trivia

  • This was the first 'class' seen in the series even though it wasn't revealed until Episode 24.


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