A Formal PK is the legal form of a PK in Lucid Adventure.


A Formal PK is an act of fight permitted by the God of Combat to legally fight in a village. It is presided by one of the two Combat NPCs, Dacon or Schub. If both Combat NPCs are busy, then it is presided by Combat Fairy.[1][2]

Before the fight, both fighters must agree to a victory reward which can involve putting a player's character life on the line or the players fortune. In the case of Gamblers, the opponents stats can be taken as a reward.[1]


Rule 1: Killing the opponent does not make you a Red Player.[1]

Rule 2: A Combat NPC will be summoned immediately to be the judge and mediator.[1]

Betting on Legal PKs

Betting on a Formal PK (Episode 5)
  • Players can put money on who will be the winner if they are watching the fight.
  • If a bet is won, Gold or Exp can be earned depending on how much was bet. There is a limit to this though.
  • The amount bet can be seen next to each characters HP bar.

Known Legal PKs

Notes & Trivia


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