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Forced Teleportation is a Space Magic skill used by Choco Bibi.


Choco Bibi uses a Teleportation spell and forces the target to be teleported to a place of Choc Bibi's choosing.[1][2]

He attempted to use this spell on one of the Three Goddesses of Fate but it was easily torn apart.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 115 Choc Bibi used Forced Teleportation on one of The Gods of Time and Space, but it was easily disabled by the God.[1]
Season 2 Episode 47 Choco Bibi used this skill on Ruud Ra Kan and teleported the Demon Prince in the trajectory of the demon's own deflected Dark Ball, which critically injured the demon.[2]

Notes & Trivia

  • It was unclear where the target was teleported to when the skill was used but it was confirmed to be a place of Choco Bibi's choosing in Season 2 Episode 47.


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