Flying Dolphin (tentative name) is a monster summoned from Yopi's card.


The Flying Dolphin looks like a dolphin. It is light blue in colour with light blue eyes. it has a large pair of light blue-coloured and white wings. It has light blue flippers and a light blue fluke at the end of it's persons.

It has a transparent torso with a pink coloured crystal in its centre. It has large yellow fins attached to it's back.


Skills & Abilities

The Flying Dolphin is capable of flight and is used as a transportation method by Yopi. It is capable of carrying at least 5 human sized entities in its torso.[1]


Season 1

Pooh Upooh Retrieval Arc

The Flying Dolphin transpoted Yopi to the place were the spatial portal that Pooh Upooh's captors used. The Flying Dolphin was called back into Yopi's card.[2]

Yopi, Lime, Sora, Master Swordsman and Drip Soup were in the interior of the Flying Dolphin when Choco Bibi tore open the enclosed space that Pooh Upooh had been taken to. Yopi called the summon back into his card once he landed on the ground.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • The actual name of the summon has not been revealed. 'Flying Dolphin' is being used as a placeholder.
  • Despite looking like a fish-like entity, the Flying Dolphin 'roars'.[1]


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