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Firecracker (Tentative Name) is a member of The Ultimate Healer's Party.


Firecracker is a young women with long orange hair and wears round glasses. She wears a yellow crop top tee with short sleeves and a orange circle on each sleeve, long yellow skirt, and orang shoes.


Firecracker was shown to be quite docile and happy early on but time spent with Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing led her to being more aggressive and worsens overall, becoming power hungry and ambitious.


Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing

Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing

It was never shown what their relationship as they have not shown any signs of friendship although it can be assumed that they were both friendly early before being affected by Zero.

Top Baldhead

They were shown to be friendly and joyous early on before being affected by Zero. However, Firecracker regards him as her teammate as she attempted to save him from Constant

Skills & Abilities


Firecracker is a strong fire magician, able to wield powerful fire spells and even dark attribute spells as well.

Fighting Style

Firecracker is a pyromancer and is most likely weak in combat skills. She utilizes fire magic and tends to use ranged attacks.


Firecracker is a Magician and is a Fire Magician. She uses powerful ranged fire spells that can inflict heavy damage on her opponents.

Skill Tree

Fire Magic

  • Fireball: can fire a ball of fire at the target.
  • Firebomb: Summons multiple firebombs above her head

Dark Magic

  • Dark Ball: Firecracker creates multiple gigantic black-coloured orbs that absorb and neutralise Light spells.
  • Dark Arrow: Firecracker launches an arrow made out of dark magic.
  • Dark Ball Strike: Firecracker launches multiple gigantic black-coloured orbs at the target and explodes.

Defensive Magic

  • High Barrier: Firecracker creates a strong barrier around herself.


Season 1

Notes & Trivia

  • She was first seen in Episode 29 when Umai was analysing the strength of each party.
  • Her character name has not been revealed.