This is the eighth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Heart Heater and Koosiam meet up with Sad Smile, the Lord of Cobalt to deliver the 38th Sword of the Master Black Smith.

Sora, HCLW and Dark look through the rewards from defeating Borgoba. Sora equips Medusa's Gauntlet. The team head up to the third floor.

The team reach the third floor and the Archfiend has already killed a summoner, saying he kept going on about Black Magic.

Sora attempts to Petrify the Archfiend but is beaten with one punch...

Character Appearances

Skills Used

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode Cover features HCLW ins his reset gear.
  • 'The Lord of Cobalt' was mentioned in Episode 1 and made his first appearance in the series in this Episode.
  • The Silhouette of the woman seen when Sad Smile is talking about the Sword is of the woman that attacked Hardcore Leveling Warrior in Episode 1.
  • HCLW explains Archfiends and their power scaling.
  • The Petrification used by Sora is from the Gauntlet Sora acquired as a reward from defeating Borgoba on the 2nd floor in the previous Episode. Bogorba himself could cause Petrification when he punched targets.
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