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This is the fifth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Continuing on from the previous Episode, Hardcore Leveling Warrior slaps the sandwich out of Scallion Heads hand and goads him into accepting a Formal PK.

They both enter a formal PK refereed by Dacon, an Combat NPC. Hardcore Leveling Warrior continues to goad Scallion Head while he is repeatedly beaten and healed to prolong his suffering. He counts the number of strikes with the dagger in his head.

Dark and Sora are in the crowd watching the match when a man with a fringe joins them. He explains the betting process of a Formal PK.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior is counting the amount of strikes he executes with the dagger and reached 99 before he is knocked down once again.

The man in with the fringe places 100 Million gold on Hardcore Leveling Warrior shocking the crowd as Hardcore Leveling Warrior was on his last health bar.

Just as Scallion Head is about to finish Hardcore Leveling Warrior off, Hardcore Leveling Warrior deals a critical hit to him with the 100th strike of the dagger in his hand...

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Notes & Trivia

  • The cover page features Hardcore Leveling Warrior's face both when he was the No.1 Ranker and his current Level 1 character.
  • This is the first Episode a Formal PK is introduced.
  • It is unclear how Hardcore Leveling Warrior recovered the Dagger that was used to kill him as it was not equipped by him before he was killed by the Zombie Dragon in Episode 1

Translation Notes & Errors

  • Dakon says Hardcore Leveling Warrior can take skills due to his '직업 특성'. '직업 특성' can be translated as 'Job Attribute'/'Class Attribute'/'Class Trait'. Line Webtoon incorrectly translates 직업 특성 as 'Character Class'.
  • Sora calls Hardcore Leveling Warrior "열렙전사님" which means "Hardcore Leveling Warrior Nim". Line Webtoon translates this as "My Warrior".
  • Scallion Head: 쉽게 죽이진 않을 거야. 어차피 넌 한방 거리지
    • LINE: I can always kill you right now, but I wont. I'll let you suffer.
    • Literal: I won't kill you instantly. Although you'd die from a single hit from me
  • Scallion Head: 그런 고물칼로...?
    • LINE: with that dagger...?
      • Literal: with that trash sword...?
  • Yopi: 그쪽은 레벨도 높아 보이는데 PK 구경은 처음이야?
    • LINE: You look like high level player though...is this your first time seeing a PK?
    • Literal: You look quite high levelled, but this is your first time seeing a PK?
  • Yopi: 난 좀 짜치는게 좋더라고 (This is very difficult to translate into English)
    • LINE: I like low rent stuff
    • Literal: I kind of like people who look noobish
      • author wrote said "*짜치다: 허접하고 질낮아보임".
      • 짜치다 is used when the level is insufficient or does not meet the expectations, the achievements, etc. are not pretty or if you think they are third class, it is attracted. LINE Translated that line as *Low Rent: Cheap and Low Quality.
      • 허접 means "awful; very poor quality; you can use this word to express something useless or someone who has poor ability (In a game basically noobs)".
  • Scallion Head: 영영 사라져 버려라!!
    • LINE: And don't ever come back!!