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This is the fourth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


The Episode continues from the last Episode. Dark offers Hardcore Leveling Warrior 1 Billion to help him level up. Before Hardcore Leveling Warrior can respond he is Forcefully Logged out of the game.

In the real world, he is thrown into a room with no bed and narcotics by Chairman Kim's henchmen. Chairman Kim placed a large bet on him for the upcoming Arena competition and had him thrown in the room to recover his level as quick as possible.

A flashback to 3 years ago shows Gong Won-Ho about to be thrown off the fourth floor of a building by Chairman Kim's henchmen because of his gambling debt. Chairman Kim coerces Won-Ho to join his Workshop to play Lucid Adventure so he can pay back the debt.

Gong Won-Ho then logs back into Lucid Adventure and asks Dark for 2 Billion to help him level up. They then head back to Yopi Land to make preparations but Dark is weary and wants Hardcore Leveling Warrior to prove himself before he is hired.

He challenges Hardcore Leveling Warrior to fight a green haired player, which Hardcore Leveling Warrior confidently accepts.

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Real World

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode Cover features Dark resting on a Dragon whilst he holds two baby Dragons.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior's real name, Gong Won-Ho, was revealed in this Episode.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior was offered 1 Billion Won to work for Dark initially but turned it down. Hardcore Leveling Warrior managed to renogotiate it to 3 Billion Won.
  • One of Chairman Kim's gangsters suggested that Chairman Kim could let Gong Won-Ho go for 1 Billion.
  • Chairman Kim's name is revealed to be Lee Je-No in the contract that Gong Won-Ho signed 3 years ago.
  • Chairman Kim's Henchman says Hardcore Leveling Warrior could free himself if he paid Chairman Kim 1 Billion Won. It may be that that is the amount that Chairman Kim bet on him to win the Tournament.
  • Gong Won-Ho asks for the in-game names of the two people trapped with him in the bottom floor of Miso Tower.
  • Chairman Kim's Workshop was mentioned for the first time in this Episode.

Translation Notes & Errors

  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior's real name is '공원호' which means 'Gong Won-Ho'. LINE Webtoon changed the character's name to Ethan Gong.
  • 1 Billion Won is changed to 1 MIllion Dollars and 3 Billion Won is changed to 3 Million Dollars by LINE Webtoon. This is the amount Dark offered to pay Hardcore Leveling Warrior.
  • In the LINE Webtoon translation, Chairman Kim's goon called him "President Kim" instead of "Chairman Kim"
  • In this Episode, one of Chairman Kim's henchmen's name, Kyung-Tae, is not included in the LINE Webtoon translation; LINE Webtoon incorrectly translated the sentence from Chairman Kim as "Hey, how tall is this building?". The correct translation is "Kyung-Tae, how many floors is this again?".
  • Gong Won-Ho says "Chairman Kim you son of a bitch" NOT "Kim you son of a bitch".
  • Sora calls Hardcore Leveling Warrior "열렙전사님" which means "Hardcore Leveling Warrior Nim". LINE Webtoon translates this simply as "Hardcore Leveling Warrior".