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This is the third episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


The Episode begins with a one year flashback where Hardcore Leveling Warrior saves a Level 30 Sora from Nightmare during The Very First War and tells her to get stronger.

Back in the present, Sora and Rim are engaged in combat and Guan Yu retrieves his weapon from Zhou Cang's Bag whilst she chastises him. Guan Yu sends a beam from his weapon at Hardcore Leveling Warrior but it cuts Rim in half and destroys the nearby buildings.

He tries to attack Hardcore Leveling Warrior in close range but the attack is blocked by Heart Heater using a clip board. As Guan Yu prepares to use 100% of his power, the group escapes in Heart Heater's dragon's mouth.

The Dragon drops them off in Dragon Mountain, where they all enter a hut.

Once they enter the hut, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora meet Heart Heater's boss, who asks Hardcore Leveling Warrior to help him Level up.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode Cover features Rim and a creature. The creature is possibly be a Dragon.
  • This is the first Episode where no named skill is used.

    Zhou cang handing Guan Yu his spear (From a Qing Dynasty edition of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

  • Sora and Guan Yu made their first appearances in Episode 2, but their names were revealed in this episode.
  • Guan Yu is based on Guan Yu, one of China's best known historical figures throughout East Asia. Guan Yu's true life stories have largely given way to fictionalised ones, most of which are found in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms or passed down the generations, in which his deeds and moral qualities have been lionised. Guan Yu is respected as an epitome of loyalty and righteousness. He is portrayed as having a red face, similar to General Guan Yu in the series.
  • Zhou Cang is based on the fictional character from from the 14th-century Chinese historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Cang. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, Zhou Cang is bearded male and swears an oath of allegiance to Guan Yu and is appointed as Guan Yu's weapon bearer. An image of Zhou Cang handing Guan Yu his spear can be seen on the right.
  • Heart Heater saying "I will make you an offer you can't refuse" may have been a homage to the famous line said by Vito Corleone in The Godfather.

Translation Notes & Errors

  • Sora calls Hardcore Leveling Warrior "열렙전사님" which means "Hardcore Leveling Warrior Nim". LINE Webtoon translates this as "Mr. Hardcore Leveling Warrior".
Speaker Korean LINE Webtoon Literal Translation
Narrator A huge war broke out by a red player

guild called 'Nightmare' during the so-called

'The Very First War'.

Narrator 그는 셀 수 없는 수의 사람들을 베어내고 단한 사람을 구했다. He slashed numerous people and saved

just one person.

He slashed a countless number of

people and saved a single person.




약하니까 당하지. It's because you're weak You got hurt because you're weak.



강해지라구 Be Strong. Get stronger./Become stronger
Sora 멀어져 가는 그의 뒷모습을 보며 생각했다.

강해져야지 라고.

As he was walking away, she thought

"I'll be stronger"

I thought to myself as I saw his back

get further away...

I'll become stronger!

Rim 열럽전사에게 이렇게 강한 동료가 있었나? When did Hardcore Leveling Warrior get a

strong teammate?

Did Hardcore Leveling Warrior have

such a strong companion/comrade/




장군님, 안된다니까요. You can't, general. General-nim, I told you, you can't.
Guan Yu 시끄럽다 주창!!

무기를 내어라.

(시끄럽다 literally means "loud, noisy;


Be quiet, Zhou Cang!!

Give me my weapon.

Be quiet, Zhou Cang!!/

Enough, Zhou Cang!

Give me my weapon.

Zhou Cang 하아...

또 난동 피우면 황제 폐하께서 엄청 혼내실텐데...


If you cause any more trouble, the Emperor

will be really at you...


If you cause trouble again, the

emperor will definitely scold you again.

Zhou Cang

그런 걸 신경 안 쓰는

장군님이 좋은 거지만...`


And I kind of like that you don't care about it...


I like the fact that you don't care about that General-nim...

Guan Yu 토끼 한마리 잡으러 왔더니

이빨 빠진 호랑이 새끼도 한 마리 있구나!

I came here to catch a rabbit.

But found an old toothless tiger!

I came here to catch a rabbit, and

I found a toothless tiger cub!

Guan Yu 여기서 만나는구나 열럽전사!! It's good to see you again!

Hardcore Leveling Warrior!

So here we meet again Hardcore Levelig


Guan Yu 그 때 빚은 지금 갚아주마!! I will repay my debt here!
Guan Yu 용케도 피했군!

또 피해봐라!

Nice job dodging that!

Try to dodge this!

So you managed to dodge it!

Try to dodge this again!



이건 예상치 못한 상황이네요 This is unexpected. This is an unexpected situation.


사실 림에게는 잠깐 겁만 주라고 한 것 이었는데...

갑자기 그렇게 흥분 할 줄은...

I only told Rim to scare you a little...

I didn't think Rim would get so mad...

To be honest, I only told Rim to scare him a

little bit...

I didn't expect him to get so agitated all of

a sudden...

Rim 면목 없습니다 마스터. I'm sorry Master.
Guan Yu NPC주제에 건방지구나!! How dare you!!

You're just an NPC!!

You're pretty arrogant for an NPC!!
Guan Yu 강제로 패널티를 푼 상태인데...? I've freed myself from the penalty...!! I forcefully removed my penalty...!!

(I took my penalty off forcefully didn't I...?)

Guan Yu 제법 강한가 본데... 이건 어떠냐!!

여기서 100%를 다 쓸 줄이야...

I see you're quite strong...how about this?!

I Didn't think that I'd use my 100% here...

You seem quite strong...how about this?!

I Didn't think that I'd use my 100% here...




제가 어떻게 관우장군님의 전력을 받아내겠습니까.


How can I withstand your full strength,

General Guan Yu?


How can I withstand the full power of General

nim Guan Yu?/

(How can I receive/take General nim Guan

Yu's full power?)



패널티오프 쿨타임 엄청 길텐데요? You know the penalty-off cooldown is really long,


The penalty-off cooldown is going to be really

long, right?

Guan Yu 아, 시끄러! 황제한테 엄청 깨지겠구만. Shut up! The Emperor will bust me up. Oh, shut up! The Emperor is going to tear me

a new one.




괴... 괴로워! I..it's suffocating! It...it hurts!


거절하지 못할 제안을 할테니. I'm making an offer you can't refuse. I will make you an offer you can't





어...그그... 저.. 그... 당신도 같이? Uh...you...too? uh...we...huh..are you coming along?
당연히 같이 가야죠! 열럽전사님은 제가 지켜요!

우리 약속 했었잖아요!

Of course!

I'll protect you Mr. Hardcore Leveling Warrior!

We promised!

Of course I'll go with you!!

I'll protect you Hardcore Leveling Warior-nim!

We promised didn't we!




그...그래요!! 그랬었죠! R...right!! we did, miss... Y...yeah!! We did!
Sora 그리고 말 놓기로 했잖아요!

왜 존댓말을 해요!

And we agreed to be friends?

So don't talk so formally!

And we decided drop the honorifics didn't we?

Why are you speaking so formally?!

Dark 왔어? Hey,

you're back.

You're back?
Dark 림은 또 조각났구나. And I see Rim's ripped up again.
Rim 면목 없습니다 보스 ... I'm sorry boss... I'm sorry, boss...

(I'm ashamed of myself, boss)

(I have no excuse, boss)

(Basically the speaker is embarrassed)




하트히터를 부리는 것을 봐선 보통 거물이 아니다...

최소 거대 길드 마스터급 이상의 인물...

From the way he's talking to Heart Heater...

He's someone special...

Like a master of a huge guild...

Looking at how he's ordering Heart

Heater around, he's no ordinary big-shot...

He must be a person that's at least a

giant guild master level or higher...

Dark 이 게임에서 제일 먼저 만텝을 찍었다고 하던데? I heard that you were the first one to get to the max level. Is that true? I heard you were the first one to hit max level in the game?
Dark 나 레벨 업 좀 시켜줘. Help me level up. Please help level me up.
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