This is the third episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


The Episode begins with a one year flashback where HCLW saves a Level 30 Sora from Nightmare during The Very First War and tells her to get stronger.

Back in the present, Sora and Rim are engaged in combat and Guan Yu retrieves his weapon from Zhou Cang's Bag whilst she chastises him. Guan Yu sends a beam from his weapon at HCLW but it cuts Rim in half and destroys the nearby buildings.

He tries to attack HCLW in close range but the attack is blocked by Heart Heater using a clip board. As Guan Yu prepares to use 100% of his power, the group escapes in Heart Heater's dragon.

The Dragon drops them off in Dragon Mountain, where they all enter a hut.

Once they enter the hut, HCLW and Sora meet Heart Heater's boss, who asks HCLW to help him Level up.

Character Appearances

Skills Used

  • None

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode Cover features Rim and a creature. The creature is possibly be a Dragon.
  • This is the first Episode where no named skill is used.
  • Sora and Guan Yu made their first appearances in Episode 2, but their names were revealed in this episode.
  • The Emperor was first mentioned in this Episode.
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