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This is the twenty-third episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


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  • Korean fans commented that Sora's Taster attribute reminded them of Toriko from the Toriko series.
  • Multiple fans believed that the game is in fact another dimension. Especially because Hardcore Leveling Warrior was not immediately penalised for using a bug by an administrator.
  • Fans complained about the typo in Monkey's infobox.
  • A lot of fans said that the handshake between Monkey and Silla was strange. It was palm to backhand rather than palm to palm hand shake.
  • Koreans fans said that the price of the food doesn't match up. 1550 gold which would be about 775 won which is cheap.
  • Some LINE Webtoon fans commented that Rhythm Monkey reminds them of Lui Calibre, a semi-retired Youtuber.

Translation Notes & Errors =


소라의 HP가 0이 되었습니다.

LINE: Sora's HP has reached 0.

Literal: Sora's HP has reached 0


맛객 ー 맛의 지도 스킬의 효과 발동!

절대포기하지 않는 맛' 의 효과!

'죽음' 상황에서 HP를 1회 1 회복합니다.

LINE: The Taster - The Map of Taste Effect is activated!

'Taste of Never Giving Up' effect!

Sora is brought back to life with 1 HP once.

Literal: Taster - The effect of the Map of Taste sill is activated!

The effect of the 'Taste of Never Giving Up'!

1 HP is restored once in a 'death' situation.


- 맛객 -

마지막 맛인 '절대포기하지않는 맛' 을 수집!

맛의 지도의 1페이지가 완성되었습니다.

사용자의 다른 클래스의 1차 성장이 가능해집니다.

LINE: The Taster

The Final Taste 'Taste of Never Giving Up' is collected!

1 Page of the Map of Taste is complete.

The player can advance to the next level

Literal: The Taster

The Final Taste 'Taste of Never Giving Up' is collected!

The first page has been completed on the map of taste.

First upgrade (lit: "growth; development) of a different class of the user is now possible.


소라는 검사에서 대검사로 성장 하였습니다.

LINE: Sora is promoted from Swordsman to Great Swordsman

Literal: Sora has upgraded from a swordsman to a Great Sword Warrior


대검사와 연계 - 에고소드의 업그레이드가 1회 가능합니다.

에고소드가 원하는 무기의 능력과 결합가능합니다.

System: 에고소드가 성장 합니다.

LINE: Link with Great Swordsman - Ego swords can be upgraded once.

Ego sword can be fused with weapon of choice.

System: Ego sword is evolving.

Literal: Link with the Great Sword Warrior - Ego Sword can be upgraded once.

Ego sword can be fused (lit. "combined) with the abilities of the weapon of choice.

system: The Ego Sword is is developing