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This is the twenty-second episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Heart Heater, Sora and Dark visit the Temple of the Combat God and observe multiple players dueling in prepartion for the Combat Tournament. Heart Heater explains more about personal attributes and prepares to take them to unlock theirs.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior is chased into Dragon Mountain by Giga's Security Team and he goes into the Cave of Atonement to clear his "sins".

Character Appearances 

Skills Used

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • We learn more about Personal Attributes in this episodes. An appendix of personal attributes appears at the bottom of the chapter explaining them in detail.
  • People compared the Brown Hair Guy's personal attribute to stands from the Jojo's Bizzare Adventure.
  • Both Dark and Sora do not have skill/stat type personal attributes because they were not unlocked when the game started.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior first met Heart Heater in Dragon Mountain.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior has a class-type personal attribute.
  • Guan Yu that appeared in Episode 2 and Episode 3 has a person type personal attribute.

Translation Notes & Issues

  • Heart Heater says: "아까 스킬쓸때 보인 권법가가 아마 저자의 개인특성 인것 같습니다."
    • LINE: "The martial artist that we saw looks like his personal attribute".
  • Heart Heater said "You guys will just serve as a stand/pedestal that will be stepped on by others" NOT "You guys will be stomped by other players".
  • Heart Heater said "Let's see... It's better to see it for yourselves" NOT "Let's see...why don't we check out a combat?"
  • Heart Heater said the Blue Demon had "high-level" items NOT "unique" items.
  • Heart Heater said that you know stat/skill Type "right from the start of the game" NOT "When you start to fight".
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior said "Stubborn Bastards. I didn't think that they'd chase me all the way out here". The LINE version left out the "Stubborn Bastards"
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior said "When I wasn't no.1, I met Heart Heater for the first time here....I barely beat him and got the key to this dungeon..". In the LINE he says "This is where I fought Heart Heater before I was ranked no.1...I barely beat him and got the key of this dungeon..."


  • 스렛형과 스킬형은 게임시작부터자신의 능력을 알수 있다. 강화된 스탓을 활용할 수 있는 직업을 선택하는것이 유리하다.
  • 직업형은 현재 가지고 있는 직업 이외에 추가로 직업을 얻을 수 있다. 단, 추가적인 직업을 갖기 위해선 숨겨진 조건을 만족해야 한다. 열렵전사의 개인특성은 직업형이다.
  • 인물형은 위인, 유명인, 신화 속 영웅 등 어떤 특정한 인물 (또는 사물)이 클래스가 되는 개인특성이다. 매우 희귀하며 2화에 나왔던 관우가 인물형 개인특성을 갖고있다. 다른 개인특성들과 달리 자기 자신 고유의 스킬을 만들어낼수 있다.
    • LINE: "Person Type Personal Attributes allow you to become someone or something in history or mythology. This is extremely rare. In the second episode. Guan Yu had this person type personal attribute. Unlike other personal attributes, players with person type personal attributes can create their own skills.
    • Better: "Person Type is a personal attribute in which a certain person (or something) such as a great person, celebrity or mythical hero becomes a class. This is very rare, and Guan Yu that appeared in the second episode, has the person type personal attribute. Unlike other personal attributes, players with this personal attribute can create their own skills."
    • This is not really not translated properly
  • 모든 게임의 법칙을 초월한 스킬을 가진 개인특성. 아주 극 소수의 플레이어만 이 특성에 해당되며 알려진바가 많이 없다.
    • LINE: "This is a type of personal attributes that transcends the laws of this game . Very few players have this and little is known about this.
    • Literal: "Personal Attribute with skills that transcends the laws of the game . Very few players have this attribute and little is known about it.