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This is the twenty-first episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


As Hardcore Leveling Warrior is about to be killed, he pulls opens his Hidden Gate and gains the power to defeat the red player. Hardcore Leveling Warrior go up to the final floor where they meet the final boss of the dungeon, The Antler an Dark's grandfather, Han Gun-Jae. Han Gun-Jae explains the situation to Dark and has to leave as someone is chasing him. The party is warped back to Yopi Land and Hardcore Leveling Warrior has to flee from the guards because of his use of the Hidden Gate. Dark and Sora aim to prepare for the Combat Tournament that begins in two weeks.

Character Appearances 

Skills Used

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • The pink speech bubbles and the green speech bubbles are Taoist Kim and Lila respectively. They could be "heard" in Episode 4.
  • The Hidden Gate is a bug.
  • Dark's grandfather, Han Gun-Jae makes his debut in this episode. We saw his real world and game silhouette in Episode 6.
  • The second monster created by the Corrupted Spirit of Grass in Episode 19 may have been the humanoid form of The Antler.
  • The binding tool Dark was with was a reference to Pokemon. It wasn't properly written for copyright reasons most likely.

Translation Notes & Issues

  • Taoist Kim said: "It's only because we're still useful" in the LINE translation. The complete translation is "It's only because we're still good at the game".
  • Gong Won-Ho said "The Promise I made with Kim...The due date is coming" in LINE. He said "Chairman Kim" not just "Kim".
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior thought "...Am I going to die like this?" NOT "...I guess I'm dying".
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior said "...I'm in no position to be picky" NOT "...I'll have to try everything I got".
  • Dark calls Hardcore Leveling Warrior "Hireling" not "Snob"
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior "I really can't be picky/fussy anymore!!" not "I really have to use everything I got now!!"
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior said "앞면 스킬 발동"
  • LINE translated this as "Front use skill".
  • 앞면 means front side. In this case "heads". So a better translation would be "activate heads skill". "Game of Scanlation" translates this as "Force...activate....heads..!!
  • Dark said "포X몬 같은데?". LINE Translated this as "This is like a Pukemon?". It is basically pokemon.
  • Dark calls Han Gun-Soo (Lucas Han) Gun-Soo Hyung(형) and his older male family members hyungs and older female family members Noona (누나).
    • Hyung(형) means elder brother of a male. It is used by males to refer to an older male. It can be their actual older brother or someone they are close to. Even between twins, the older brother usually addressed as “hyeong/Hyung” by his younger twin brother.
    • Noona (누나) means elder sister. A term used by males to refer to an older female. It usually symbolises closeness.