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This is the second episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


The scene starts off in Food Alley where a woman is anxiously waiting in the long queue for Yopi Grilled Skewers whilst observeing other players enjoying the famous delicacy. A red faced man jumped ahead of her and buys a skwerer before the woman punches him into the wall and takes his.

She then sees a crowd gathering and walks towards it and sees Hardcore Leveling Warrior being accosted before saying "that guy..."

The scene cuts back to Hardcore Leveling Warrior after his level was reset. He misses all his punches on a low level rabbit before it easily breaks his arm and reduces his HP to critical levels with a light punch. He is depressed about being the strongest just a day ago to being the weakest now.

He is found by one of the members of the team he defeated in the previous Episode and is taken into Yopi Land, where he is tied to a pole and is repeatedly healed and beaten. He is told to quit the game and never show his face again.

He is found by Heart Heater and Rim and is about to be taken away before the woman from earlier pushes Rim back and saves Hardcore Leveling Warrior saying that he is precious to her.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode Cover features Sora eating beef with rice.
  • Yopi Land made an appearance in Episode 1 but the name was revealed in this episode.
  • A character that appears to be wearing Naruto's PART II outfit can be seen in the second cut of this Episode.
  • Sora wating to be served by the Yopi Grilled Skewer Chef (Original vs Japanese) (Episode 2).jpg
    The Yopi Grilled Skewer Chef is a parody of Liu Mao Xing (Chinese: 劉昴星; pinyin: Liú Mǎoxīng), the main character of the manga Chūka Ichiban! (中華一番!, The best in Chinese (food). In some other countries, the anime adaptation of Chūka Ichiban! was also called Cooking Master Boy (Korean: 요리왕비룡). In Korean dubbing version, his name was localised as 비룡 instead of his usual "류마오싱 劉昴星(유묘성)" .
  • It was revealed in Kim Sehoon's blog post that the Chef's costume was changed in the Japanese version of Hardcore Leveling Warrior due to a copyright problem. Kim Sehoon also said that he never thought his work would be serialized in Japan when he was making the second episode. This can be seen in the two pictures on the page. The people in the scene have also been slightly changed.
  • Heart Heater was not actually going to punish Hardcore Leveling Warrior but only wanted to scare him.

Translation Notes & Errors

Speaker Korean Line Webtoon Literal Translation
Guan Yu 아 미안 미안, 이거면 되지? 주인징 Oh, I'm sorry.

That will do, right?

Ah, sorry srorry.

This is enough right? Owner.

Guan Yu 양보 좀 해줘 아가씨 이거 먹으려고 멀리서 왔어. Forgive me, lady. I came from afar just for this. Please do me a favour and give way young lady, i came from afar to eat this.
Sora 그건, 꼬치 값이랑···

낑 값이다*!!

That's for the skewer...

and your medical fee!!

Guan Yu 무··· 무슨 힘이··· How..in the world... Wha...what kind of strength...
Sora 엥?

싸움 났나?


What's going on?


Is there a fight?

Hardcore Leveling Warrior 어제까지만 해도 최강 이었던 내가...

개허접이 되었다.

Until yesterday, I was The Strongest...

And now I'm nothing

Until yesterday, I was The Strongest...

and now I'm a noob.

Scallion Head 겨우 몇대 갖고 되겠어? This is not enough
Scallion Head 너한테 원한 있는게 몇명인데. We're all holding a grudge against you. Do you known how many people have a grudge against you
Heart Heater 누가 우리 고객을 이 꼴로 만들어 놨을까... Who did this to my dear customer...huh? I wonder who made our client/customer look like this...
Heart Heater 하··· 이것 참

불쌍해서 못 봐주겠네..


You're pathetic...


This is so pathetic. I can't watch this any longer...

Heart Heater 뭐, 대충은 들었습니다. Well, I hear what happened. Well, I've heard the rough story
Heart Heater 빈털터리 거지새끼가 됐다면서요? You've lost everything, right? I heard you lost all your money and became a bum, no?
Heart Heater 그쪽 사정은 어찌 됐든... I don't care what happened... No matter what your situation is...
Heart Heater 전에 말했습니다만..

제가 제일 싫어하는


당신은 빚지고 연체하는 얼간이 중의 얼간이...

As I said before...

the ones I hate the most are..


and you're the one who's always late paying me back...

I've told you before, haven't I...

The ones I hate the most are...


And you're an idiot among idiots that has borrowed money

and haven't paid me back.

Heart Heater

그간 을 생각해서 이쯤*...

For old time's sake, I'll stop.
Sora 이 분은...


소중한 사람이다!



to me!

This person is...


precious person!

Reference Korean Info
Very difficult to translate directly into English. Basically means "being very kind and loving towards

someone and establishing a personal connection with them".

When you vote for a man you'd like to have beer with,

you are voting by jeong (정).