This is the hundred and seventy-sixth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Ethan Gong and Lila attempt to escape from Chairman Kim's clutches.

Character Appearances 

Skills Used

Known Locations

  • Real World
    • Incheon, South Korea
  • Lucid Adventure

Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode listing in Korean was '176화 - 1부 마지막 화' which means 'Episode 176 - Season 1 The Last Episode'. This was simply listed as 'Episode 176' by Line Webtoon.
  • This is the first chapter Chairman Kim has been seen without his trademark glasses.
  • The reason Chairman Kim was able to endure all the stabbings in previous Episodes by Dongmin and Chairman Jin without even flinching is because he feels no pain.
  • Chairman Kim's name as Jeno Lee was confirmed in this Episode but it was first revealed in Episode 4, when Chairman Kim made Ethan Gong sign a contract.
  • Both Lila and Ethan's arms were broken before they were put in the barrels. This happened 'off screen'.
  • Sehun Kim put a few Easter eggs in the episode.
    • The first two barrels have a 'Thxs' 'for' reading', where he thanks the readers for their support.
    • the second two barrels have 'SKT T1' 'MID LANER'. The SKT T1 is a reference to SK Telecom T1 , a famous Korean League of Legends professional gaming team based in South Korea. The 'MID LANER' is a reference to SKT T1's mid laner, a player called Faker. This could be a possible hint that Ethan Gong did not die.
  • Curiously the two sets of barrels have different locations on them. The first set is designated to Beijing and the second set is designated to Turkey. This could mean that Ethan and Lila where sent to different places but this is pure speculation.
  • There is a two year time skip. This is most likely in real world time, which would be 14 years in Lucid Adventure time if the rule of the world hasn't affected the time difference.
  • The blue dragon beside Rim is assumed to be Grabert but this is not clear.
  • Dark is now a king.
  • The final note in the Episode is '열렙전사 1부 完'. Line Webtoon translated this as 'The End of Chapter 1 of Hardcore Leveling Warrior'.
    • '부' literally means 'part', 'section' or 'season'. Season is the most appropriate for this Webtoon.
    • '完' can mean 'whole/complete', 'completed/finished' and even 'ended/over'.
    • A better translation would therefore be 'Hardcore Leveling Warrior Season 1 complete(d)'.
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