This is the one hundredth and sixty-fifth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior Series. 


The PVP Final Round continues as the Rewound HCLW engages Team Light by himself...

Character Appearances

Skills Used

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • It appears HCLW has the 'flight' ability as he was able to engage Secretary Kim in the air.
  • It is unclear if Auto-Reflector and Automatic Skill Analysis are HCLW's skills or skills of the Golden Armor.
  • Stand Up is the second Conceptual Magic introduced in the series and the first one of the Skill Type personal attribute.
  • In Episode 11, HCLW implied he could have one-shotted Light's Team. This Episode confirms that it was not an empty boast.
  • In Episode 112, Hungry Ghost (Line: Demon) wanted to join Giga so he could "beat that bastard" in the PvP Round. This Episode confirms that the person he was referring to was HCLW.
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