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This is the one hundredth and sixty-fourth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior Series. 


The PvP Round final commences...

Character Appearances

Skills Used

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Notes & Trivia

  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior says "I'm Back!!" with his back turned is exactly the same as when he logged into Lucid Adventure as the #1 Ranker in Episode 1.
  • As explained, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's level resets to Level 1 because of his personal attribute, Absolute Luck.
  • Dark's Personal Attribute is officially called Time Magic (Line: Time Spells).
  • There are a few inconsistencies in this Episode with regards to the players stats being revealed before the final
    • Hardcore Leveling Warrior's personal attribute is called 'Lucky Man', which is the same name of the passive skill used in Episode 43. It has been mentioned several times that his personal attribute is Absolute Luck. It is possible that this is an error or that Lucky Man is an effect of Absolute Luck.
    • Light's personal attribute is listed as 'Majin' (Line: Demon). This makes no sense as Light needed Hungry Ghost's Lucky coins to induce the transformation. Hopefully this will be cleared up in future Episodes.
  • Roy Han makes an appearance in the Subconscious world. His appearance is similar to the one that appeared in the God's Toy sub space when Lucid Adventure was being created in Episode 77.
  • A spectator that bears resemblance to Winnie the Pooh can be seen.
  • The itemised Lucky Coin used by HCLW to help Dark's Rewind is the Lucky Coin HCLW gave to Sora as a present in Episode 73. The necklace was imbued with HCLW's Lucky Coin skill.
  • The Rewind has a cool-down of 1 year (Lucid Adventure time). 1 year in Lucid Adventure is bout 52 days in the Real world, which means that 52 days has passed in the Real World. That is why Dark is able to use the skill on HCLW.
    • It's either that or HCLW's reset applied to every condition on him so Dark was able to use Rewind once again. The first scenario seems the most likely.