This is the one hundredth and forty-sixth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior Series. 


The Memory of Cintamani is partially recovered. The Battle between Team Light and Team The Ultimate Healer continues...

Character Appearances

Skills Used

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • Heart Heater explains the effects of The Overlap on Lucid Adventure.
  • It appears that Heart Heater has at least recovered some part of The Memory of Cintamani abilities with the dragon scale as HCLW was seen equipped with it in this Episode.
  • Heart Heater is seen eating sweets from the metallic container in his brown pocket pouch. This is a nod to Sindorim's Heart Heater, who stores candy in his pocket pouch and has a habit of eating it from a metallic container.
  • We find out The Ultimate Healer's real personal attribute, the Hidden Class called Virus.
  • Light is only seen with one Lucky Coin before transforming into Demonic Light. Presumably, he uses the other 9 off screen.
  • Two rankers are introduced. They are amongst the many Rankers mentioned in Episode 144 observing the PvP Round Semi Finals.
  • Light is revealed to not be an 'official ranker'. This means that when Dark referred to him as a referred to him as a ranker in Episode 68 was retconned by the author or he himself made a mistake. It is possible he was referring to Light as having "the power of a ranker" rather than being a ranker himself, as HCLW already alluded to Light having "the aura of the highest rankers" in Episode 11.
  • It appears the dolls made up of the dead bodies of Firecracker and Top Baldhead took up The Ultimate Healer's extra lives obtained in the last round. After the resurrected dolls where destroyed, she had only two lives left.
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