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This is the one hundredth and forty-fourth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior Series. 


Heart Heater tries to use the Dragon Scales to purify the Memory of Cintamani.

The scene switches to The Tomb of Fighter. Light spins the roulette and Team Light are facing Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing.

Both teams begin their fight.

Character Appearances

Skills Used

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • Ha-Tae and Seol-Baek from Troll Trap in the crowd

    A lot of Rankers were present during the match between Team Light and Team The Ultimate Healer, most of them were from Giga. Master Swordsman believes it is because they are curious about HCLW, the former #1 Ranker and Light, the Giga Vice-President.
  • Giga put a lot of their members in the crowd to influence the match-up selection. This was noticed by God of Combat so he asked Light to spin a roulette instead of asking the crowd to pick.
  • Hae-Tae and Seol-Baek from the Webtoon, Troll Trap, can be seen in the crowd as spectators.

Translation Notes & Issues

  • Pooh Upooh called Yopi "Yopi-nim" not "Master Yopi".
  • Secretary Kim calls Light "Vice-President nim" when The Command Center absorbs his light magic not simply "Vice-President". Remember, nim is an honorific in Korea.