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This is the one hundredth and forty-third episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior Series. 


Team Dark return to Quest House to prepare for the PvP Round.

Giga's Secret Service discuss matters with Sad Smile.

Light reviews the contestants of the PvP Round and interrogates The Evil Dragon's servant for information.

Character Appearances

Skills Used

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Notes & Trivia

  • Team Dark are transported by a blue Dragon that looks similar to Grabert, but is emaciated. It is unclear if that is another dragon or a Grabert.
  • The Effects of the 'Hero' title is revealed.
  • It is revealed that Heart Heater used Anti-Nightmare Magic to contain the Nightmare contamination on HCLW's Golden Gauntlet and Boots.
  • The Memory of Cintamani is seen for the first time since Episode 1 and is corrupted by Nightmare.
  • Sad Smile assassinated a guild leader and planted a mole in their guild on behalf of Giga.
  • Team Taoist are residents of Totoras before their PvP match.
  • The God of Death made her first appearance in Episode 107, but her name is revealed in this Episode.
  • The chains binding the Evil Dragon's servant may be Golden Lion's Chain but this was not made clear.
  • Team Light are planning to terminate their relationship with God of Blessings after the Tournament.
  • The unnamed Light attack used by Light to presumably kill the Evil Dragon's Servant is similar to the Sword of Revealing Light card used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series.