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This is the thirteenth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Dark's Team begin their quest in the Leaf Dungeon.

Character Appearances

Skills Used

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode Cover features Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Dark, Lazie and Sora in a Dungeon. It is symbolism of their quest in the Leaf Dungeon.
  • Leaf Dungeon is mistranslated as 'Reef Dungeon' by Webtoon.
  • Heart Heater can be seen reading a book called 'Kill Book'.
    • The book on his desk called 'Underworld Boy' is a nod to Staz Charlie Blood, the main protagonist of the manga Blood Lad.
  • The team are shown doing the Grade S Secret Quest given to them by Heart Heater in the previous Episode.
  • The sword used by the red player and the way it is sheathed are similar to Genji's Dragonblade from Overlord.