This is the twelfth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


The Episode starts off in The Real World, where we see Go Sora and Ethan Gong in their respective residences.

Sora goes to work and we see the effect Lucid Adventure has had on the real world.

Carter Han can see ghost like entities in the real world.

The team reconvene in Quest House and Heart Heater tells them he has a Quest for them direcly from the President.

Character Appearances

Skills Used

  • None

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • Ethan Gong may be vegetarian as he was happy that he got vegetable tuna.
  • Sora's bus stop to get to work is at the intersection of Smile Tower, the place where Ethan Gong is held as a slave.
  • One of the pedestrians is speaking about HCLW losing his #1 Ranking and is chastised for being behind on the news by his friend.
  • Helena can be seen in Ho Hoi 25 buying food for Carter Han.
  • The effect of Lucid Adventure on the real world is described in this chapter and we see companies based on Lucid Adventure such Gold Loans, Lucid Adventure Travel Agency.
  • Carter Han can see ghost like entities in the real world due to some incident with his Uncle. The Uncle may be Lucas Han's Dad, who banned Carter from Lucid Adventure.
  • The S Grade Secret Quest is the 3rd Quest seen in the series.
  • Some fans believe Carter Han bears a striking resemblance to 'L' from the Death Note series.
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