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This is the eleventh episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Giga's Diplomatic Ambassadors make their way into Yopi Land. General Manager Park attacks a Yopi Land citize trying to seel flowers to him but she is saved by Tac. Tac tries to attack the Giga Team but he is immoboilized by their magic.

Yopi comes out and ushers them into Yopi Castle...

At Quest House, Dark's Party celebrate his Job Advancement and Lazie is seen as a Servant Spirit for the first time.

Back at Yopi Castle, Giga and Yopi discusss Lime's attack on their 'Scouting Unit' and demand an explanation. Light threatens war with Ypoi Land if they do not back off Dark.

Outside in the city, Dark's Team runs into Giga...

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode Cover features HCLW wearing an Asian rice hat with a chin strap. Tiny versions of Lazie, Heart Heater, Rim, Grabert, Sora and Dark can be seen.
  • This is Lazie's first appearance as a Servant Spirit.
  • Giga and Yopi currently have an armistice because of Nightmare.
  • Dark and Light are cousins.
  • We get more information about The Very First War, which was spoken about briefly in Episode 3.
  • Dark is banned from Lucid Adventure by Light's father.
  • HCLW believes Light is a high Ranker.