This is the one hundred and eighth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


At some point in the past, Zero was once a tool who created the world - Lucid Adventure - along side Roy Han, but in her reseach of the human world to gather more data to build Lucid Adventure, it changed her into becoming independant and realising the destructive nature of humans caused her to became enemies against Roy Han. She plotted to kill to him by creating foreign unknown weapons, but her intial plan failed. As a core of the world who represents Lucid Adventure, she instead destroyed her own core and by doing so the whole Lucid World was in a state of collapse as well sharing the same fate to Roy Han's core to revert everything into nothingness.

Roy Han attempts to thwart her plan and cut his own hand to prevent the curse from reaching his core, as well Zero's head to prevent her own curse reaching to her head - where her core is located. He ultimately failed to save Zero, and suffered a backlash to slowly die along with the world, and in order to stabilize the Lucid World, he needed player's dreams to sustain it's existence.

In present time, the Gods discuss on who will become the next God. The God Of Blessings takes the initiative to become it, claiming he is the most capable one. However the God of Death intervenes and intends to kill him, and a fight almost occurs, only for God of Combat to remind them their fate of dying, if the Gods were ever to have conflict. The proposed idea God of Combat suggests, that in the PvP round, each God will choose a single team to represent them and the winning team will become the next God. However Roy Han quickly states a few of his concerns, stating he will stop them if the other Gods decide to collaborate together, as well as adding a new rule to include another member.

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