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This is the one-hundred and second episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


After completing the Thorn King Dungeon raid, he returns back to Yopi Land to the Quest House, and gives Dark his birthday gift an item used by the Legendary Archer Kyo. Dark is abit confused on why he should be using a bow for a Black Magician, to which Hardcore Leveling Warrior encourages that he should and that relying on black magic, won't be enough. Dark jokingly declines and states that Hardcore Leveling Warrior will be his slave in hunts.

Opening the reward crate, reveals a bliding light, but is instead empty. Dark, enraged, questions Hardcore Leveling Warrior but Sora notices his eye is different, to which he curiosly looks into a mirror. It is revealed that what Dark earned is The Eye of Trajectory which allows the user to see the past and future. Despite this, Dark is rather suspicious on why the snob is adamant on making him stronger and suddenly being nice, Hardcore Leveling Warrior responds that he is confident that Dark will give him the "King's Blessing". A hohoian appears, praising Dark and tells him that they should get moving to his village.

Meanwhile in the Dragon Mountain, No Name is faced against an Ancient Dragon - Redinaia. Redinaia claims that she is not human and is a nightmare, her trepassing the dragon's shelter causes her to attack her. Realising that if she were to fight in her dragon form, she fears for the damage she'll cause on her master's mountain and insteads transforms into a humanoid figure. Stating that nightmare is a cancer to the world, she intends to kill No Name but No Name retaliates back going all out agaisnt Redinaia. However her efforts still failed to the Ancient Dragon's skills and was knocked out and was brought to the Dragon of Evil.

At the same time, the magic barrier unit of Yopi Land detected a breach in their air barrier, immediately calling an emergency and doing their best efforts to fortify the barrier, but an unknown person uses a back tracing magic which disrupts the unit force's mana flow, destroying their hands. With no one to operate Yopi Land's air defense, all of the barriers are destroyed and an army of planes reach near to Dark Village.

Character Appearances 

  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  • Dark
  • Sora
  • Ego
  • Rim
  • Yopi (mentioned only)
  • Redinaia
  • No Name
  • Dragon of Evil (mentioned only)
  • Roy Han

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