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This is the one-hundredth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Entering the Thorn Mountain Dungeon, Hardcore Leveling Warrior stumbles into the King's room. The creation of the dungeon, is that it is a tomb of the NPC - Mu, also with the moniker of 'The Thorn King', he is prevalent in both the game lore and items. A concubine child, who violently overthrown the royal throne from the Charon Kingdom, being so obsessed with his power he was then sealed by a Hero - 'Beamos' along with his knights - 'The Five Thorns'.

Knowing that in his current form, Hardcore Leveling Warrior chooses one of them to fight instead, that being The Ultimate Archer - Kyo, the wife of the Thorn King and betrayer of the elves, as well being responsible in aiding Mu ascending to the throne. Kyo is then brought to life, who tells him that if he intends to offer his condolences to the king, he needs to withdraw his sword and kneel. She summons a line of ice spikes, preventing him from getting closer, and states that if he dare crosses it, her arrow will pierce his heart. Despite that, Hardcore Leveling Warrior continues walking forward without care, and was immediately under a barrage of arrows.

Meanwhile in Yopi Land, Sora visits the food alley in search of a gift for Dark, with so many choices she ultimately decides on gifting him Yopi Land's specialty food - 'Yopi Grilled Skewer'. Finding out, she came to late to receive one, Guan Yu gives her one free of charge, however Sora quickly backsup and prepares to fight him. Guan Yu insist that he has no intention of fighting, and Zhou Cang stating that the skewer is a token of their apology even giving her ego sword delicious gems. Sora conceeds and accepts the skewer but promises that she won't go easy on them if they were ever to meet in the battelfield and quickly leaves.

Zhou Cang notes Sora on saying 'Battlefield', and wonder if she was onto something, and Guan Yu menacingly responds that the meeting between them in the 'Battlefiled' is coming real soon. After Taek and Yopi finish up with Dark's birthday they leave, but Taek points out that whether Yopi's kindess to Dark is genuine or part of his schemes. Yopi tells him that they at least have a common enemy - Giga.

Heart Heater tells Dark that the excess presents have been stored in 10 wagons, stating that 80% of them are just junk and ask whether they should get rid of them, but Dark refutes and tells him that all those presents are precious to him. A flashback of Dark's last birthday, shows him in Giga's University Hospital telling his recovering grandpa he finally made it, as well as hope he recovers and watches over him. Roy Han jokes that he should be in school, not skipping class and says happy birthday to Dark. A hohoian arrives before Dark, excited to announce that they have finished preparing Dark's Villlage for his birthday and encourages them to go see it.

Meanwhile in Dark's Village, the hohoians are currently busy creating a statue of Dark, however an accident occurs breaking a part of the statue's arm almost falling to a hohoian kid, but is saved by Alpaca Man. After which, Sword Master - Roy Han, and Novelist Han gather together, Alpaca man noting on where the last one is.

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Known Locations

  • Thorn Mountain
    • Thorn Mountain Dungeon
  • Yopi Land
    • Food Alley
    • Quest House
    • Dark Village

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