This is the tenth episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Lazie fires a Hellsing at HCLW but it is cut by HCLW and he is then defeated by HCWL wielding Cubaba's Divine Sword. The sword is sealed for 99 years after Lazie's defeat.

Dark becomes a Black Magician and levels up. Lazie becomes his servant spirit. The Assassin destroys the Black Magic Dungeon, killing Doyom in the processs.

HCLW's team is protected by Lime and shedefeats the Cyborg Assassin.

In Totoras, Jang Kim reports the failed assassination to the Vice president and is beaten by Secretary Kim.

The Vice president assembles the Diplomatic Team to head to Yopi Land as they interfered directly...

Character Appearances 

Skills Used

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode Cover features Lime, who made her first appearance in Episode 6.
  • Doyom is killed when the assassin destroys the Black Magic Dungeon. It is unclear if NPC re spawn like normal MMORPG games.
  • Lime was at the Black Magic Dungeon because she was told to tail HCLW's team by Yopi in Episode 6.
  • Totoras is the second Castle introduced in the series.
  • Jang Kim actually first appeared in Episode 7 and can be seen talking to the Assassin on the messenger. This Episode is his first full appearance and his name is revealed.
  • We find out that Light was the one that ordered the assassination on Dark and was referred to as 'The One' by Jang Kim in Episode 7.
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