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This is the first episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Gong Won-Ho is in his room in the top floor of a Skyscraper, arrogantly celebrating the fact that he acquired The Golden Armor. He ends up breaking his phone and hurting his neck when falling from his chair. He gets a a message from Heart Heater asking him to pay back the money he owes. He then logs into the Western Kingdom of Lucid Adventure as the #1 Ranker, Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

He starts prancing around through a crowd of angry observers who he had upset at some point in the past. Choco Flavoured Potato Soup naively begs him for some money but ends up getting PKd with a bag of Gold. A Guard NPC comes to arrest him but he ends up bribes him with a bag of Gold and runs off to the protestations of the observing crowd.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior goes to Quest House to get a Quest from Heart Heater and is reminded he still owes money. Rim gives him a contract for a new quest which he signs without reading the terms.

The scene cuts to Hardcore Leveling Warrior about to face an Imoogi stopping Cobalt Castle from trading. The Quest is on the behalf of the Lord of Cobalt. The reward is 40 Million Gold. The Python attempts to swallow Hardcore Leveling Warrior and kill him with its venom but it is quickly dispatched. Whilst Hardcore Leveling Warrior wonders why the quest isn't completed, he is with with 20 combined magic skill attack by a group of people. They think he is dead until their entire front line is wiped out by Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Hell Fire. The Leader is enraged after watching his guild members get killed and orders everyone to exhaust all their mana and weapons in killing him. All their attacks miss and Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeats them with a One Sword Skill - Moonlight Slash.

The killed Imoogi gets resurrected as a Zombie Dragon which is the reason that the Quest wasn't cleared. As Hardcore Leveling Warrior is about to engage it, he is stabbed by a dagger wielding Choco Flavoured Potato Soup. To his surprise, he is paralysed and Choco Flavoured Potato Soup reveals his real identity as a purple haired woman. The woman then goes on to beat up Hardcore Leveling Warrior and unequip him of all his items while he screams at her. She then reveals that she knows he gets reset to Level 1 if he dies, shocking Hardcore Leveling Warrior. The woman leaves and Hardcore Leveling Warrior is killed when his head is bitten off by the Zombie Dragon.

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Notes & Trivia

  • This is the first chapter in the series, as well as the first chapter of Season 1.
  • Miso Tower made it's first appearance in this Episode but the name will later be revealed in Episode 12.
  • The red hummingbird on the Guard NPCs cap may be a reference to the Hummingbird Crew from Wind Breaker.
  • There are several easter eggs of the series creator, Kim Sehoon, in this Episode.
    • Kim Sehoon's avatar can be seen in a wanted poster on Heart Heater's wall in Quest House. He has a bounty of 309G.
    • The head of Kim Sehoon can be seen on the tip of one of the weapons thrown at Hardcore Leveling Warrior when the rank 1 player is ambushed.
  • The Lord of Cobalt mentioned in this episode but their identity is not revealed.
  • Choco Flavoured Potato Soup's design may have been inspired by Shin chan, the protagonist of Crayon Shin-chan. Choco Flavoured Potato Soup's name might be a homage to Shin chan's love for chocolate
    Scallion Head ordering people to go all out and kill Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Episode 1).jpg
  • An easter egg of a character resembling the Taoist from the weboon Taoist Land can be seen. The character can be seen in the middle picture with a red bag and a taoist amulet
  • An easter egg of Katarina from the League of Legends MOBA series can be seen and she is one of the members of the Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union that attacked Hardcore Leveling Warrior during his Quest. She can be seen on the right panel in the picture on the right.
  • Choco Flavoured Potato Soup is a player. You can only PK a player, hence the terminology, PK, which stands for Player Killing.

Setting Errors (?)

  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior logs into Lucid Adventure and ends up in the Western Kingdom. The Guard NPC and Quest House are both located in Yopi Land, which is Located in The Eastern Kingdom. The author most likely made an error.

Translation Notes and Errors

  • The 'South Korean Won' is the Korean currency is used in the original. In the Line Webtoon version, $ is used. The rate used from the Korean to English translation is $1 to ‎₩1000.
Character Names
Korean Literal Translation Line Webtoon
초코맛 감자탕 Choco Flavoured Potato Soup Choco Pork Stew
Monster Names
Korean Literal Translation Line Webtoon
이무기 Imoogi Python
Skill Names
Korean Literal Translation Line Webtoon
헬파이어 Hellfire Hell Fire
일검류 - 월광섬 One Sword Skill - Moonlight Slash Mono Blade Rage - Moonlight Slash
Item Names
Korean Literal Translation Line Webtoon
갈릭시S6 아이안맨 한정판 Galaxy S6 Iron Man Galaxy S6 Iranman
기사단의 보검 - 일곱개의 진실 Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths The Sword of Honor - The 7 Truths
+16 용자의 보검 +16 Treasured Sword of the Brave +16 Hero's Blade
Other Changes/Mistranslations
Korean Literal Translation Line Webtoon
2천만원 20 Million Won 20000 Dollars

Speaker Korean Line Webtoon Literal Translation
Gong Won-Ho 아.. 씨1, 액정 나갔네. Ha...shoot. It's cracked Ah...fuck. The screen cracked.
Hardcore Leveling Warrior 짜식들, 내 갑옷 뚫어지겠다. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ2 Geez. Stop staring at my armor. lolz Bastards. You'll penetrate my armour with those stares. lol
Choco Flavoured Potato Soup 고...고수님! Mr. Strongest! G...gosu-nim!
Crowd 저 악마 같은 놈에게 구걸을? 아무것도 모르는 초보다...! Begging him for money?! He's a noob that doesn't know anything...!!! You're begging that demon for money? He's a complete newbie that doesn't know anything..!!
Crowd 저 악랄한 놈 ! That Evil! That evil bastard!
Crowd 언젠가 저 놈을 그냥 콱 .!! One day I will...!!! Someday I'll get that bastard...!!
Hardcore Leveling Warrioir 개쩔지? It's sick, right? It's super dope, right?
Heart Heater 돈 빌려놓고 안 갚는건 얼간이 중의 얼간이고. And the worst ones are those that don't pay back the money that they borrowed. And those who borrow money and do not pay back are the biggest idiots amongst idiots.
Heart Heater 얼간이들 손가락... 뭔지 알지? These ar their fingers...you know what I'm saying right? Idiot's fingers....you know what I mean, right?
Heart Heater 아니... 그 전에

추가로 계약서를 써줬으면 하는데. 계속 까먹고 연체 하잖아.

Wait...before I give you the quest

I want you to write another contract for me. You keep forgetting to pay me back

No....before that

I want you to write an additional contract for us. You keep forgetting and are overdue on your loan.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior 이눔시끼 손님한테 한손으로 줘? How dare you hand it to me-one handed? You son of a bitch, you give your clients paper with just one hand?
Hardcore Leveling Warrior 쪼잔하게 굴지 마, 하트히터. You don't have to worry about it, Heart Heater. Don't be so cheap, Heart heater.
Imoogi 잡았다 이놈! Got you! I've got you, you bastard!
Imoogi 네가 아무리 운이 좋아도 독에는 별 수 없지! You won't survive this no matter how lucky you are! No matter how lucky you are, there's nothing you can do against my poison!
Hardcore Leveling Warrior 크극...뭐래냐, 뱀새끼가. haha..Really, you little snake. haha...what are you saying, you little snake.
Hardcore Leveling Warrior 겁나 약하네.

드럽게 피는 왜 이렇게 많이 나와?

That was easy.

Why does it have to bleed this much?

It's hella weak.

Why does it have to bleed so much?

Hardcore Leveling Warrior 으아- 쨌다!

자, 그럼 돈 받으러 가볼까?

근데 왜 퀘스트 완료가 안뜨는 거지?

Yay- Quest complete!

All right. Let's go get the money

But why doesn't it say I completed the Quest?

Uwa-I beat it!

Now, shall I go get my money?

But why doesn't it say that I completed the quest?

Hardcore Leveling Warrior 이게 얼마 짜린데!

자그마치 1억 짜리 라고!

Dang it!

This is worth 100000 dollars!

Do you know how much this thing is!

This is worth a 100 million won!

Hardcore Leveling Warrior 후우... 겨우 다 닦았다.

후히회!! 멋있당 도 갑옷!

Phew...got it all cleaned up

weheee!! My armour looks great again!!

Phew...I barely cleaned it up.

hoheee!! My armour is awesome!

Scallion Head 자그마치 20연쇄 마법이라고! 저걸 맞고 산 녀석은 없 That was 20 combined magic skills!! Noone has survived it so far That was 20 chain magic! Noone can get hit by that and survive!
Scallion Head 저놈의 클래스는 도대체 뭐야?! What's his class?! What the hell is his class?!
Guild Memeber 으악! 자쿨, 돗대인간!! 길드장님,

방금 일격으로 전방 부대가...

Argh!!! Jakul, Stickman!!! Master,

That attack just annihilated the frontline...

Argh!! Za'qul, Stickman!! Guild Master-nim,

Just with one attack, the frontline of troops was...

Scallion Head 전 재산을 쏟아 부은 작전이야...

열럽전사 네 이놈...!!

I spent my everything on this operation...Hardcore Leveling Warrior...you...!! I spent all my fortune on this operation...Hardcore Leveling Warrior, you bastard...!!!
Scallion Head 저 자식은 아까 일격으로 다 죽어간다..! He's almost done..! That son of a bitch is almost dead because of that earlier attack...!
Scallion Head 전군, 총 공격!!!

마나와 무기를 아끼지 말고

모두 쏟아 부어라!!!

Everyone attack!!

Don't save mana and weapons!

Pour it all on him!!!

Everyone,all-out attack!!!

Don't spare your mana or weapons

Just pour everything on him!!!

Hardcore Leveling Warrior 허접새끼들이..

내 갑옷을...

감히 더럽혀?


How dare you..

scratch my armor?

You fucking noobs...

You dare...

Dirty my armor?

Guild members attacking 우쭐대지 마라 Don't be too cocky now Don't flatter yourself!!!
Hardcore Leveling Warrior 거기 뒤에,

일어난 거 안다. 어차피 네가 무슨 공격을 해도 나에겐 안 통해.

Hey you,

I know you're here. and whatever you do doesn't work on me.

Behind me,

I know you're there. An no matter what what you attack me with, it won't work on me anyway.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior 아까 그 뉴비?

레벨 3짜리가 겁도 없이...

그런 허접한 공격 안 통한다고...

That newbie from before?

You're only level three... That Sloppy attack doesn't work against me...

"That newbie from before?

For someone like you who isn't even level 3 to be so reckless/fearless..."

(the second sentence has a bit of a derogatory

connotation which is difficult to translate into English)

Such a Sloppy/lousy attack doesn't work against me...

Mysterious Assassin 그러고 보니... 아이템 때문에 데미지를 안입지?

과악 그 템 좀 ...벗어봐.

Oh, you don't take any damage when you wear those items, right?

Take them off

Come to think of it...you don't take any damage because of your items, right?

Those items, take them off.

References Korean Translation Info
1 shit! or fuck! Short for 씨발 which is used as an expression of anger, tension or surprise.
2 ㅋㅋ 'lol' or 'haha' onomatopiea for "kekekeke" sound when a person is laughing. Used as "lol" on the internet. The more ㅋ the funnier it is.
3 초강 Strongest, most powerful Sometimes translated as "The Best".