This is the first episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Ethan Gong is in his room in the top floor of a Skyscraper, arrogantly celebrating the fact that he acquired The Golden Armor. He ends up breaking his phone and hurting his neck when falling from his chair. He gets a a message from Heart Heater asking him to pay back the money he owes. He then logs into the Western Kingdom of Lucid Adventure as the #1 Ranker, Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

He starts prancing around through a crowd of angry observers who he had upset at some point in the past. Choco Pork Stew naively begs him for some money but ends up getting PKd with a bag of Gold. A Guard NPC comes to arrest him but he ends up bribes him with a bag of Gold and runs off to the protestations of the observing crowd.

HCLW goes to Quest House to get a Quest from Heart Heater and is reminded he still owes money. Rim gives him a contract for a new quest which he signs without reading the terms.

The scene cuts to HCLW about to face an Imugi stopping Cobalt Castle from trading. The Quest is on the behalf of the Lord of Cobalt. The reward is 40 Million Gold. The Python attempts to swallow HCLW and kill him with its venom but it is quickly dispatched. Whilst HCLW wonders why the quest isn't completed, he is with with 20 combined magic skill attack by a group of people. They think he is dead until their entire front line is wiped out by HCLW's Hell Fire. The Leader is enraged after watching his guild members get killed and orders everyone to exhaust all their mana and weapons in killing him. All their attacks miss and Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeats them with a One Sword Skill - Moonlight Slash.

The killed Imugi gets resurrected as a Zombie Dragon which is the reason that the Quest wasn't cleared. As HCLW is about to engage it, he is stabbed by a dagger wielding Choco Pork Stew. To his surprise, he is paralysed and Choco Pork Stew reveals his real identity as a purple haired woman. The woman then goes on to beat up HCLW and unequip him of all his items while he screams at her. She then reveals that she knows he gets reset to Level 1 if he dies, shocking HCLW. The woman leaves and HCLW is killed when his head is bitten off by the Zombie Dragon.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Miso Tower made it's first appearance in this Episode but the name will later be revealed in Episode 12.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior logs into Lucid Adventure and ends up in the Western Kingdom. The Guard NPC and Quest House are both located in Yopi Land, which is Located in The Easter Kingdom. The author most likely made an error.
  • Sehun Kim's avatar can be seen in a wanted poster on Heart Heater's wall in Quest House. He has a bounty of 309G.
  • The Lord of Cobalt mentioned in this episode but their identity is not revealed.
  • The Imugi Hardcore Leveling Warrior fought was unnamed. Line Webtoon translated it as 'Python'.
  • Taoist Kim makes a brief unnamed appearance. He will not be seen again till Episode 36 and his character name will be first revealed in Episode 38
  • An easter egg of Katarina from the League of Legends MOBA series can be seen and she is one of the members of the Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union that attacked HCLW during his Quest.
  • It is unclear if Choco Pork Stew was a player/NPC from the start and is dead or if he was Zero in disguise from the very start.
  • HCLW gets reset to Level 1 if he dies.
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