Elixir Plant is one of the guilds in Lucid Adventure


It's a guild made up of the elderly, but they are not just any old people. They are carefully selected players among a huge number of senior players. They are ranked second after Giga.[1]

The Dragon of Light who went dormant after getting injured in the long battle with the Dragon of Evil felt a shift in the balance of the world and chose Elixir Plant and started to give them powers.[1]

The Guild used to be pacifist, but ever since the dragon chose them, they had to actively get involved in whoever ruled Lucid Adventure. They currently own about 25% of Lucid Adventure.[1]

Known Members




Principal Guild Master
Stone Vice Guild Master Current Rank No.1
Sun Wukong Guild Member Top 100 Ranker
Pang Tong Strategist Strategist for Players' Allied Forces.


Season 2

Lucid Adventure Arc

Summit Arc

Guild Strength


Magic Corps

Elixir Guild have a magic corps (hangul: 마법병단, romaja: mabeobbyeongdan)[2]

Foreign Relations


Notes & Trivia

  • The Elixir Plant is a legendary grass in Buddhist scriptures that is believed to grant immortality. It is more commonly known as the Elixir of Life.
    • In the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shu Haung sent the Taoist alchemist Xu Fu with 500 young men and 500 young women to the eastern seas to find the elixir, but he never came back (legend has it that he found Japan instead).
    • The name of the guild is also a play on the Dragon of Light, who seems to represent the Phoenix, which themselves are immortal.


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