Elena is a player in Lucid Adventure. She was the Ranked the 11th strongest player under the Giga Ranking System. She has a close friendship with the Coma.

Post time-skip, Elena joined Dark Land along with Coma. During The Great War, she was ranked no.12 under the Lucid Ball Ranking System, but her rank went up to 11 after she subjugated the Nightmare in Ketoru Castle with the help of Coma.



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As the Rank No.11, Elena is one of the strongest players in the game. The true extent of her combat abilities have not been shown but she is undoubtedly strong.

During the Great War, she was able to almost single handedly defeat all the Nightmares in Ketoru Castle that included a Ukang Ukang, a legendary rated Named Monster. It should be noted that she was aided by Coma. On his death, Ukang Ukang was shocked at her power saying "t..this is...a ranker...".

Summoning Skills: Elena is able to use summoning skills. She summoned two puppets during the battle against Nightmare on the Tomb of Swords.[1]

Earth Manipulation: Elena is able to manipulate the earth. She summoned a rock from the ground to block a Nightmare tendril attack that was aimed at Dark.[1] It is unclear if she summoned it directly or did through one of her controlled puppets.

Skill Tree

Spirit Magic

  • Fire Pillar of Enraged Spirits:
  • Advent of Spirits: This skill allows the user to summon two high-level spirits. The spirits cannot be specified which means random spirits will be summoned.
    • Sylph: A high-level spirit that uses the wind attribute. She is not the best, but she form a pretty powerful combination with Laval.
    • Laval: A high-level spirit that uses the fire attribute. He wields a fire-emitting hammer. He is not the best, but she form a pretty powerful combination with Sylph
      • Flames of Hellfire: Laval emits flames from his hammer that clings persistently to the target as it incinerates them.
  • Spirit Magic - Dual Casting: Elena is able to cast two spirit magic at the same time. It takes a while to cast two spirit magics at the same time so Elena needs to buy some time to use this skill.
    • Ensemble Magic - Heatwave Tornado: A powerful magic that is formed when Sylph's Prison of the Wind and Laval's Flames of Hellfire meet and achieve harmony to create a giant tornado of fire and wind. It is as destructive as an Ancient Magic.



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Season 2

The Great War Begins Arc

Beyond the Boundary Arc

Translation Issues

Main article: LINE Webtoon Translation Changes

The characters name, '엘레나', literally means 'Elena'. In Episode 146, she was called 'Elena' (엘레나, ellena). In Episode 147, she was incorrectly called 'Helena' (헬레나, hellena). It appears that the author made an error in the latter episode because he called her 'Elena' in Episode 172 and has been referring to her as Elena ever since. LINE Webtoon continues to mistranslate the character's name as 'Helena' despite the authors correction.

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