Ego Swords are a sword classification in Lucid Adventure.


An Ego Sword is a sword that has an ego, which is the soul, and they develop over time with their owner. Depending on what it goes through, it can become the most powerful weapon that can kill a dragon or a chef's knife for the best food in the world.[1]

Ego Swords choose their owners and take on the personality and characteristics of their owners.[2][1]

Ego Swords have an eye located usually along the hilt.[2][1][3]

Only Swordsman Class can use an Ego Sword.[1]

It is unclear if all Ego Sword's have a similar sealed form to Ego.

Known Ego Swords

Name Owner
Sea Dragon Sword The Best Swordsman
Ego Sora
Chef Knife Lila
Three Identities Drip Soup
Bashi - 3 Timmy
Cave's Ego Sword Cave
Cocomori's Ego Sword Cocomori


Notes & Trivia

  • Ego Swords have eyes on them similar to a few of the Master Blacksmith's Swords such as The Devil's Sword, Guillotine and The Sword of Avarice. It is possible that a connection will be revealed between both classes of swords in the future.
  • Lila the Chef and Timmy the Carpenter are able to use Ego Swords as their job/class is Swordsman. Both have a double class of Chef/Carpenter and Swordsman due to their personal attributes.
  • "Growing/Alive sword" idea was used in another earlier popular work.


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