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Ego, also known as Ego Sword - Will, is the ego sword of Sora. During Sora's class upgrade to a Great Sword Warrior, Ego consumed Light Sword - Will and became Ego Sword - Will, a legendary graded item.


Ego used to be a golden slime with a single green eye. He morphs sword or a spoon whenever Sora uses him. He also turns into a massive mouthful of teeth whenever Sora is angered. When Ego devoured the Light Sword of Will, he can now morph into a Greatsword and he now has a miniature body wrapped in blue bandages.

When Ego grew, he copied the appearance of the God of Combat. He has back length hair, emerald eyes, has ocean colored bandages wrapped around his limbs, and leaving his chest bare.




As Sora's Ego Sword, Ego has taken on the characteristics of Sora's Taster Personal Attribute and is always hungry.[2][3] He eats anything he can get his mouth on such as swords[2][4] and people that are a threat to Sora.[4] He is very fond of eating iron weapons.[3] Ego is extremely protective of Sora and always tries to defend her when she is in trouble.[4][5]

Over the timeskip, Ego started going through a puberty like phase. He began to walk and talk and even think on it's own. He developed a rebellious nature which led to him and Sora taking some time apart[6] although they reunited in the end.



Ego's owner and "Mother". Ego recognized Sora as his "Mom" when he was unsealed from the sword. He cares about Sora as he becomes mad whenever she's harmed or when she feels angry as well. Two years later, he grew a rebellious nature and had an argument with her. They separated from each other for a time until he cried out for Sora when he was defeated by Hephai.


Consumption Empowerment: Ego can grow in power based on what it eats.

Ego Sword - Will

Ego Sword - Will (Episode 162).jpg

(에고소드 - 의지, egosodeu - uiji)

After Sora was promoted to a Great Sword Knight, she was granted the ability to upgrade Ego once. This gave Ego the opportunity to be fused with a weapon of Sora's choice. Sora fed Ego the Light Sword - Will, which led to Ego evolving into a Ego Sword -Will.[7]

Ego became a weapon that absorbed the hero's will. His status and item effects became the same as two items combined.[7]

Linked with 'Taste Wanderer' (식객). Ego is able to use 'eat up' and 'chew and swallow' at the same time.[7]

The attack power of Ego depends on Sora's state of mind. The blade of Ego won't come out if there's anything wrong with Sora's determination, courage or righteousness.[7]

Two years later, Ego grew in power and size, even making his own human form, based on the appearance of the God of Combat.

Humanoid Form: Ego had morphed itself into a human form with the appearance of the Combat God and is capable of fighting by itself in this form.

Skill Tree

  • Eat Up: Ego's mouths develops sharp teeth and her mouth becomes big enough to swallow a Player. Ego then consumes the target, killing them in process.[4]
  • Chew Up: Ego chews away the opponents weapon every time it comes into contact with it and eventually destroys the weapon.[5]
  • Free Transform: Ego takes the form Sora desires. So far Sora has transformed Ego into a shield.[9]
  • Spoon Mode: Sora consumes Meat and Ego is turned into a giant spoon that she can use to attack her targets.[10]
  • Spoon Murderer: Sora uses this skill when Ego is in Spoon Mode. She strikes the target with the giant spoon, killing them in the process.[10]
  • Berserk! - Binge Max: Ego goes Berserk due to Sora's anger and devours the target of Sora's anger. Ego's mouth is split into four parts and the target is bitten cleanly.[11]
  • Ego-Close Defense Form: Ego latches onto Sora's allies and transforms into armor that is capable of blocking

Tac's blows.

  • Shapeshift: Ego shape-shifts into a humanoid form called character form.
  • Sword Force: Ego's arms become blades themselves with the insignia of a sword in his arms.


Level Stats Instance Info
1 ??? Episode 27
2 ??? Episode 30 reached level 2 after devouring Staff Hong.[4]
3 ??? Episode 45 Was shown to be level 3 just before Sora's fight with Cocory.[12] Presumably reached this level sometime between the fight with Staff Hong and after the fight with Rigos.



Ego was given to The Frog Merchant by a stranger and could not be identified, even with special tools. The sword could not be pulled from the sheath which led to the Frog Merchant to believe it was a decorative sword.

Sua Han, Kim, Sora, and Cocomori all failed to pull out the sealed Ego Sword. When it was Drip Soup's turn the sealed sword suddenly broke and a yellow liquid came out of it. Unbeknown to most of the observers, Cocomori had used Weapon Break when she couldn't pull the sword out. Everyone left believing the sword was worthless. The yellow liquid became a one eyed blob and Ego was born. 

Season 1


During the 14 year year time skip (2 years in reality), Ego began to walk and talk and even think on its own. As it went through puberty, it had a little argument with Sora and so they decided to have some time apart.[13] Ego's current whereabouts is unknown.

Season 2

Summit Arc

Ego is still hungry even after consuming the low-level swords. He spots a weapon shop in the forest and approaches it. Ego meets Hephai at the weapon store and praises her weapons. He eats one of Hephai's weapons and then flees, giggling in delight as he does so. Hephai catches up to him and flings him on the ground.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • Ego referred to itself as 'Ego' for the first time in Episode 48.
    조용히 아세요 Meme compared to Sora Ego Scene in S.2 Episode 38.jpg
  • The panel were Sora hits Ego over the head is a parody of the "Be Quiet!" (조용히 아세요) South Korean meme that is popular on internet forums. It is used when someone says something without notice, says something away from the situation, or just breaking the pot.The meme is a picture that originates from the Naver Blogger's "히오스하다 운 만화".


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