Ego is Sora's Ego Sword.





As Sora's Ego Sword, Ego has taken on the characteristics of Sora's Personal Attribute and is always hungry.[1][2] She eats anything she can get her mouth on such as swords[1][3] and people that are a threat to Sora.[3] She is very fond of eating iron weapons.[2]

Ego is extremely protective of Sora and always tries to defend her when she is in trouble.[3][4]



Skills & Abilities


Skills Tree

  • Eat Up: Ego's mouths develops sharp teeth and her mouth becomes big enough to swallow a Player. Ego then consumes the target, killing them in process.[3]
  • Chew Up: Ego chews away the opponents weapon every time it comes into contact with it and eventually destroys the weapon.[4]
  • Free Transform: Ego takes the form Sora desires. So far Sora has transformed Ego into a shield.[6]
  • Spoon Mode: Sora consumes Meat and Ego is turned into a giant spoon that she can use to attack her targets.[7]
  • Spoon Murderer: Sora uses this skill when Ego is in Spoon Mode. She strikes the target with the giant spoon, killing them in the process.[7]


Ego grows stronger and attains a higher level the more exp Sora gets.

The Combat Tournament - Preliminary Round

After devouring Staff Hong, Ego levelled up to Level 2.[3]

The Combat Tournament - Subjugation Round

Ego reached Level 3 after gaining experience from Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeating Rigos.[9]



Ego was given to The Frog Merchant by a stranger and could not be identified, even with special tools. The sword could not be pulled from the sheath which led to the Frog Merchant to believe it was a decorative sword.

Sua Han, Kim, Sora, and Cocomori all failed to pull out the sealed Ego Sword. When it was Drip Soup's turn the sealed sword suddenly broke and a yellow liquid came out of it. Unbeknown to most of the observers, Cocomori had used Weapon Break when she couldn't pull the sword out. Everyone left believing the sword was worthless. The yellow liquid became a one eyed blob and Ego was born. 

Season 1


During the 14 year year time skip (2 years in reality), Ego began to walk and talk and even think on its own. As it went through puberty, it had a little argument with Sora and so they decided to have some time apart.[10] Ego's current whereabouts is unknown.

Notes & Trivia

  • Ego referred to itself as 'Ego' for the first time in Episode 48.


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