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For other uses of this name, see Moonlight Flash (Disambiguation).

Dual-Wield - Moonlight Twin Flash is a skill used by The Best Swordsman when using 100% of his True Awakening, Duke of Loyalty and Warfare: Yi Sun-Shin.


The Best Swordsman delivers a double Moonlight Slash to the target whilst wielding his Twin Dragon Swords.[1]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 48 The Best Swordsman used Moonlight Twin Flash to push back Ruud Ra Kan.[1]
Season 2 Episode 51 After equipping The Song of the Sword, The Best Swordsman used Moonlight Twin

Flash to cut down Ruud Ra Kan.[2]

Season 2 Episode 51 The Best Swordsman used The Song of the Sword to deliver a Moonlight Twin Flash to the Nightmarized Ruud Ra Kan, but it was blocked

by Ruud Ra Kan's bare hand.[2]

Translation Issues

월광쌍섬 is incorrectly translated as Moonlight Twin Swords by Line Webtoon in Season 2 Episode 48. '섬' stands for 'slash' not 'sword'.

The skill was correctly translated as Moonlight Double Slash in Season 2 Episode 51.