Kim Jin-Woo[2], also known as Drip Soup in Lucid Adventure [1], is a current member of the Master Swordsman's Guild.


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Holy Swordsmanship:

50% Holy Knight


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Holy Knight Skills

  • Holy Fire Slash: Drip Soup uses arm is surrounded by a Holy Fire, before Drip Soup delivers a powerful slash to the target. The flames from the skill are so powerful, that it is capable of burning a Nightmare's body and stop their regeneration.

Ego Sword Skills




  • Check's Armour: It is the armour of the Holy Knight Check that Drip Soup obtained after hours of farming. If the user has a holy attribute, it can be enchanted on another skill. It allows Drip Soup to combine his holy power with the three attributes of his ego sword.[3]


  • Sword:
  • Three Identities: An Ego Sword with a rare ability that allows the user to wield skills of three different attributes.[3]


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Notes & Trivia

  • Drip Soup was introduced as a Rookie Swordsman[4]
  • Sehun Kim revealed the following information about Drip Soup in a twitter post[2]:
    • His real name was is '김진우' (translation: Kim Jin-woo).
    • 행정학과 (Department of Public Administration)
    • 템페보다 군대 빨리 갔다옴 같은학년 (Same grade as Tempest but joined the army quicker)
    • ㅇㅇ대 3학년 (3rd year college junior)
  • Sehun Kim revealed that the university students of Grass Roots Guild all go to the same Seoul-based mid-level universities.[5][6]
  • In Episode 35, the player that said they had a girlfriend was Drip Soup. The author has said he is not sure if the person exists now.


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